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Hal Stark was born in Coast City to Martin and Jessica Stark, a few years after his older brother, Jack, was born. As a boy, Hal idolized his father, a pilot in the United States Air Force. At a young age, Martin's plane crashed, killing him.

After Hal graduated from high school, he attended the United States Air Force Academy. In college, Hal double majored in physics and engineering. In college, Hal met his first love, Eve McCall; however, their relationship was short-lived. During his fourth year in college, Hal's mother, Jessica was killed in a car crash.

Becoming the Iron Lantern Edit

After graduating from college, Hal joined the United States Air Force, serving for four years before retiring and founding Stark Aircraft. One of Hal's first projects was a stationary flight simulator. The flight simulator suddenly took off with him in it while he was working on it. The simulator was being drawn to a crash site of an alien ship. The simulator crashed, leaving Hal injured with shards of metal stuck in his chest. Out of curiosity, Hal made his way to the downed ship, where he came upon the dying alien, Rhomann Sur. The alien died before he could speak with Hal. Hal, with help from physicist Professor Ho Yinsen, then designed a suit of armor out of the alien technology and used the alien power battery that he found in the wreckage to power his suit. The suit of armor not only saved his life, but gave him incredible powers, allowing him to create any object he wanted out of green energy as the battery was powered by Oa the Living Planet. Hal was tasked with serving and protecting all life in Sector 2814. Later, he learned that there were 3599 other Green Lanterns who were all monitored and empowered by Uatu the Guardian. Some of the people who trained Hal included Mandarinestro. Hal learned that Mandarinestro had been subjugating his home planet, Korugar, through fear, the former reported the latter to Uatu the Guardian. The two battled, with Hal emerging victorious and Mandarinestro being expelled and banished to the Antimatter Universe.

As Hal travelled the galaxy, he also spent time managing his business, Stark Aircraft, accompanied by his assistants Pepper Ferris and Happy Kalmaku.

Judgement League Avengers Edit

Hal, along with Doctor Strangefate, Canary, Angelhawk, and the Mariner were the founding members of the Judgement League Avengers. The team, later on, discovered Super-Soldier's frozen body and were able to thaw him out of the ice. Shortly after finding Super-Soldier, the Judgement League Avengers disbanded.

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