Real Name: Rory Horgan

Fusion of: Melter + Heat Wave

Bio: On a school field trip to a meat-packing plant, young Rory Horgan accidentally locked himself in a walk-in freezer. He nearly froze to death before he escaped, and the trauma left him with an intense fear of the cold. In response, he became obsessed with heat -- eventually becoming an industrialist who specialized in the development, design, and manufacture of heat-based weaponry for the United States government. Unfortunately, after an inspection team shut his factories down for using inferior materials, Horgan's defense contracts were awarded to his competitor, Stark Labs. Enraged, Horgan invented a handgun-sized flamethrower, put on an asbestos suit, and began his career as the Heater by striking at Stark Labs's factories. Naturally, the Melter was stopped by the defender of Stark Labs and Coast City, Supersteel. Heater has since battled Quickflash on several occasions and has even stood toe-to-toe with the other Judgment League: Avengers as a member of the Rogue's Gang.

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