Hector Sterns is Amalgam Comics super-villain, and Captain Lantern and Skulk's enemy.

Hector Sterns

Bio Edit

Hector Sterns was an outstanding scientist who discovered the existence of the Annihilax Zone. Unfortunately, his project to move to this dimension did not receive funding, and he was forced to go there himself. During the teleportation, he was exposed to a special type of radiation. In this dimension, he received a huge amount of knowledge not known to mankind, and also became the body for the space parasite Annihilax. The parasite that escaped to our dimension thanked Stearns by giving him the ability to brainstorm. A huge amount of knowledge drove Hector crazy, and he became obsessed with the idea of moving the Annihilax Zone to Earth. Soon, maniac is faced with the Captain Lantern, and was arrested. Further experiments he put in Slaughter Swamp, where he often fought with Skulk and Swampman. Hector is the founder of Intelligence Squad on an equal footing with U.L.T.R.O..

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