House of 52 is a huge cross-over event in ElectricMayhem's universe. It combines House of M with the 52 event.


The Scarlet Swordstress is going mad after the events of the Infinite War, and at S-23's funeral she snaps, and unleashes her full power, creating a huge flash of light altering reality. They end up in an alternate reality where Spiderbat's secret identity has been revealed to the world and he is retired, Blue Jay is married to Jinx, Super Iron and Thora have retired, and Wildwolverine, Gold, and The Mystery are the only ones who know the truth. They give a wake-up call to several heroes, and tell them of the real universe. They all form an attack squadron to battle Psineto, who rules the world in this reality. After there very first battle with Psineto, Spiderbat, Thora, and Super Iron mysteriously disappear. Gold leaves the rest of the group to investigate by himself, and goes to X-Hunter, only to find several notes, surrounding by pictures of Gold, that say "his fault". Gold travels back in time, and ends up trapped in a time-loop somehow. In the time-loop he finds something shocking. More to be added...

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