House of L is an alternate universe in the DC Multiverse.


Zatanna starts to have a mental breakdown, causing her powers to become unstable, possibly altering reality. The Justice League has a meeting about what to do with her, with them divided into two sides. Half the League decides that the only way to stop her is to kill her, while the other half decide that there has to be another way. Soon, they discover that Zatanna (who was being watched by Dr. Fate) has gone missing. The Leaguers then disappear in a flash of light. Zatanna has changed reality, where the world is ruled by Lex Luthor.


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Like in the main universe, he was sent to Earth when Krypton was destoryed. However, in this world, he was found by Lex Luthor when his ship landed on Earth. Luthor raised him as his child, and names him Lionel Luthor. He gains his powers, and when Lionel becomes an adult, he is Lex's full time body guard, and leads the military.


Like in the main universe, Bruce Wayne's parents were killed when he was 8 years old. When Luthor takes over the world, Bruce Wayne becomes Batman and leads a small strike force against Luthor and his army.

Wonder WomanEdit

Follows the history of Wonder Woman in the main universe. However, here, she was killed when Lex Luthor invaded Themyscara. However, a woman named Donna Troy used weapons that would of been used by Diana Prince, and she became Wonder Woman. Donna Troy is recruited by Batman into his "League"

Green LanternEdit

When Abin Sur sent his ring to look for someone worthy, it did not find Hal Jordan, for Hal was part of Luthor's army. Instead, it found a woman named Becky Alexander, who became the Green Lantern of Earth.

The FlashEdit

In this world, the Flash was part of Lex Luthor's army, although he secretly was doing experiments to give himself super powers. The experiment that gives him is powers in the main universe happens in this universe, and gives Barry Allen super speed. He turns on Lex Luthor, and in retaliation, Luthor kills Wally West, Barry's nephew. Flash swears revenge on Luthor, and he is approached by Batman to get 'justice."


In this reality, Aruthur Curry is killed before he becomes Aquaman, thus there is no Aquaman in this reality. Orm Curry names himself Aquaman, but is part of Lex Luthor's army.

Dr. FateEdit

In this reality, Kent Nelson was killed. Luthor took the helmet of Fate, and locked it away so that way no one could ever retreive it. However, Batman was able to retreive it, and set it aside in case they ever found someone to be Dr. Fate.


Ray Palmer is a scientist who works for Lex Luthor. He was able to create a suit that could let him change size. He became part of the military.

Red TornadoEdit

Red Tornado was created by Ray Palemer to be part Luthor's military. It eventually realized that Luthor was wrong, and turned on Luthor. He was later recruited by Batman.


As in the main universe, she was sent to Earth in a ship. Here, she was discovered by Batman upon landing on Earth. Batman trained her, and she developed her powers. She named herself Batgirl in this reality, instead of Supergirl.

Martian ManhunterEdit

Martian Manhunter was the first person to oppose Lex Luthor. He put up an epic fight against Luthor's military, but was killed when Luthor lit him of fire.

Green Arrow & Black CanaryEdit

In this reality, neither one of them were ever born. However, that doesn't mean that the world would go without a Green Arrow and Black Canary. Michael Sooth was skilled at archery, and became the Green Arrow. He was recruited by Batman into his "league," but not as a fighter. His job was to infiltrate Luthor's army and take them down from the inside. Black Canary was a member of Luthor's military.

Justice LeagueEdit

Batman formed the Justice League as a small strike force to fight Luthor. The founding roster consists of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Batgirl, and Red Tornado.

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