Iron Arrow - superhero, who has no powers, but he has fighting and archery skills and new technologies.

Iron Arrow

Real Name: Oliver Stark

Alies: Lightning Spider, Felicity Potts, Happy Diggle, Iron Canary, America Chaves, Tommy Stane, Captain Super, Captain Manhunter, Iris Watson

Villains: Iron Merlyn, Deathmaster, Brother Lash, Crymson Prometheus, Ra's al Mandarin, Anti Beyonder, Count Wertaria, Deadeye, Rainbow Melter

Bio Edit

After the five years on island, son of the millioner Richard Stark, Oliver returned to his home. He built his costume, to became the vigilante, who will save that city... Five years ago cruise ship was exploded by the terrorists. Hundreds of people died in this accident. But Oliver lived. He swimed to the island, and started surviving. He trained a lot, and using archery he survived five years. At the island he started building the super suit to make his survival easier. Using the suit he flew from the island to Japanese city. He was found and exported to his home. He started the vigilante career for his father's final request.

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