Iron Bat AKA Anthony "Tony" Wayne is a superhero in the Amalgam Universe. He operates out of Gotham Island and is a founding member of the Avengers of Justice.

Early Life of Iron-Bat aka Tony WayneEdit

Tony Wayne was always smart as a child and had a knack for inventing things much like his father. Then one day, his parents were killed in a car crash caused by The Big Question, and he was place in the care of his butler, Jarvis Pennyworth (the amalgam of Alfred and Jarvis ).


When he turned 18 he inherited his father's company, Wayne International. He left the company in the hands of Pepper Fox, however, because he wished to train himself both physically and mentally, in order to eliminate crime in Gotham Island. He studied for psychology and forensics for three years in Europe before moving on to Asia. There, he met a man named The Silver Ghul who helped him train in combat, as well as help him hone his inventive skills.

Iron Bat BeginsEdit

Unfortunately, they were both captured by the League of Ten Rings. Their leader, Yao Mo Toe, ordered them to build weapons for him. If they didn't they would be killed. Wayne and Ducard agreed to build the weapons, although secretly they built suits of armor for escape. During their escape attempt, Ducard was killed, but Tony was able to escape. When he returned home, he refined his suit so that it would strike fear into the hearts of criminals. He thought of what he feared most as a child, bats. He became the superhero Iron Bat.  

The Avengers of Justice Edit

When Kaloki comes to earth in Thansied order Iron Bat was the first responder on the matter but is not able to stop him so he is forced by A.R.G.E.L.D. to join the Avengers of Justice consisting of the Super Soldier, Thorion, Damulk, Wonder Marvel, Black Caridow, Hawk Arrow, Green Nova, and Atom Ant. At first he did not get along with the rest of the team. But eventually they were able to work together to stop Kaloki and defeat an army of Parariders. And from that point on they agreed to have the team be there for Earth when supervillains attack they stop them.

Iron Bat Knight Fall Edit

Three years after he became Iron Bat Tony Wayne essentially is either fighting a crime being committed on Gotham island or going off with the Avengers of Justice. But recently there have been crimes committed by a new villain Crimson Domabane but little did Wayne Know this would of his most challenging villains yet testing his wit and detective skills. After realizing that most of the crimes being committed recently had a pattern he almost became obsessed with finding the culprit. Days on end plotting without eat or sleep always seeming so close to catching him yet never not close enough. Until finally finding him in the sewer waiting for him. And with all that months trying to find him Iron Bat instead is beaten senseless with Crimson Domabane standing over a broken Iron Bat physically and emotionally. But the Iron Bat still fights despite this and trained harder then he ever had to finally defeat Crimson Domabane.

The Masters of Doom Edit

In the Avengers of Justice Manchen Hall Iron Bat detected a distress signal on a remote island was instead a trap set by the Masters of Doom that sent each of the Avengers of Justice to their own personal hell. For Iron Bat this was watching his parents die in the car crash that killed them. But then seeing there corpses with an unnatural smile on there face with fresh blood oozing from their eye sockets tormenting Iron Bat about that it was him who killed them until had enough and woke up in a chair seeing Jokiel who is torturing him with his vieres. Iron Bat was finally freed by the rest of his team the only team member left was Super Soldier who was trapped in a kriptnyte box with Thorion breaking into it easily and Super Soldier was laying down screeching not from the kriptnyte but from what Iron Bat can only assume can only be Jokiel Vieres. His suspicions are confirmed when antidote works to snap him back to reality. Then since all the team is united they all try to get out of this island but are stopped by their counterparts which were Baron Luther, Jokiel, Enchally, Dr. Mineetah, Sinestrchon, Blockbomination, Sports Bones, Deathtask, and Dwarfant. But they were defeated and the Avengers of Justice escaped.

The Court of Maggia Edit

Iron Bat discovering of a old criminal organization filled with the high class citizens of Gotham island. Realizing this he knows he is going to need somebody's help on this case. Not any of the Avengers of Justice though their to main line he needed a street level hero. And luckily for him Iron Bat knew of a up in coming crime fighter Spider Flash. Finding out pretty quickly that Spider Flash is Peter Allen so he would have to just wait for Peter out of school and talk to him about his superheroing and see if he will join him in stopping this organization. Lucky for him Peter was also doing research on stopping the organization. And so after that they both took down the organization and developed a teacher and student relationship. After that the two stayed in touch with each other.

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