Iron Bat AKA Anthony "Tony" Wayne is a superhero in the Amalgam Universe. He operates out of Gotham Island and is a founding member of the Avengers of Justice.

Early Life of Iron-Bat aka Tony WayneEdit

Tony Wayne was always smart as a child and had a knack for inventing things much like his father. Then one day, his parents were killed in a car crash caused by The Big Question, and he was place in the care of his butler, Jarvis Pennyworth (the amalgam of Alfred and Jarvis ).


When he turned 18 he inherited his father's company, Wayne International. He left the company in the hands of Pepper Fox, however, because he wished to train himself both physically and mentally, in order to eliminate crime in Gotham Island. He studied for psychology and forensics for three years in Europe before moving on to Asia. There, he met a man named The Silver Ghul who helped him train in combat, as well as help him hone his inventive skills.

Iron Bat BeginsEdit

Unfortunately, they were both captured by the Maggia Assassins. Their leader, Count Ghul, ordered them to build weapons for him. If they didn't they would be killed. Wayne and Ducard agreed to build the weapons, although secretly they built suits of armor for escape. During their escape attempt, Ducard was killed, but Tony was able to escape. When he returned home, he refined his suit so that it would strike fear into the hearts of criminals. He thought of what he feared most as a child, bats. He became the superhero Iron Bat.