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Dark Spider CharactersEdit


Dark SpiderEdit

Real Name: Peter Wayne

Fusion of: DC's Batman/Marvel's Spider-Man

Bio: A superhero who witnessed the murder of his parents n an alleway when coming home from the theater by a thug named Joe Carradine during a mugging. Since then he was raised by the family maid May Pennyworth

May PennyworthEdit

Real Name: May Pennyworth

Fusion of: DC's Alfred Pennyworth/Marvel's May Parker

Bio: A maid from Britain who had served the Wayne family long before Peter had even been born. And after the murder of his parents, she became his loyal guardian and moral compass even in his years as a vigilante.

George GordonEdit

Real Name: George Gordon

Fusion of: DC's Jim Gordon/Marvel's George Stacy

Bio: George Gordon starts as a struggling police captain (though the future commissioner) who fights to bring justice to New Gotham City, and eventually becomes Dark Spider's first ally.

Gwen GordonEdit

Real Name: Gwendolyne "Gwen" Gordon

Fusion of: DC's Barbara Gordon/Marvel's Gwen Stacy

Bio: The teenage daughter of captain George Gordon who develops a crush on Dark Spider, and eventually becomes something of a sidekick. Using her advanced computer skills to help him in order to help him get and collect information. She uses the alias of Oracle.

Eugene "Bullet" BullockEdit

Real Name: Eugene Bullock

Fusion of: DC's Harvey Bullock/Marvel's Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Bio: Peter Wayne's old high school rival, and now a shady cop working in the New Gotham Police Department.

Renee DeWolffEdit

Real Name: Renee DeWolff

Fusion of: DC's Renee Montoya/Marvel's Jean DeWolff

Lucius "Robbie" RobertsonEdit

Real Name: Lucius Robertson

Fusion of: DC's Lucius Fox/Marvel's Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

Mary Jane ValeEdit

Real Name: Mary Jane Vale

Fusion of: DC's Vicki Vale/Marvel's Mary Jane Watson

Dr. Ben ThompkinsEdit

Real Name: Ben Thompkins

Fusion of: DC's Leslie Thompkins/Marvel's Ben Parker

Night ProwlerEdit

Real Name: Hobie Grayson

Fusion of: DC's Dick Grayson/Marvel's Prowler

Bio: Hobie Grayson was a young man with a gifted mind, but was the member of a family of acrobats called the Flying Graysons. Eventually however his parents were murdered by a criminal known as Blackie Zucco. He ran away from the circus and managed to build himself a black and blue suit that gave him several abilities, using it to attain money to support himself but also go out for revenge against Zucco. He eventually crossed paths with Dark Spider, and were originally in conflict until Dark Spider managed to put him down the right path, helping him become the hero. The two becoming best friends and close allies afterwards.

Rocket RobinEdit

Real Name: Tim Farrell

Fusion of: DC's Tim Drake/Marvel's Rocket Racer

Bio: Tim Farrell was a poor kid in New Gotham, who similarly to Dark Spider's ally Night Prowler was gifted with a great scientific mind for engineering. He once saw Night Prowler in action back when he was a vengeful criminal, and became Tim's idol. Especially when he realized who he was by recognizing one of his acrobatic moves being one of those of Hobie Grayson of the Flying Graysons. He became inspired to follow in his footsteps and started a project of building a rocket powered skate-board like vehicle. And then became a criminal to try and support his family. Dark Spider had fought him, but it was Night Prowler who realized that he was just a confused young man like he was when he first became Night Prowler. Together Dark Spider and Night Prowler managed to get through to him, and help put Tim down the heroic path. The Rocket Robin, as he called himself, becoming another one of their closest allies.

Scarlet AngelEdit

Real Name: Ben Valley

Fusion of: DC's Azrael/Marvel's Scarlet Spider

Dark Spider-WomanEdit

Real Name: Jessica Kane

Fusion of: DC's Kathy Kane/Marvel's Jessica Drew

Silver HuntressEdit

Real Name: Silver Bertinelli

Fusion of: DC's Helena Bertinelli/Marvel's Silver Sable

Bio: Biological daughter of Santo Sablinova (fusion of DC's Santo Cassamento/Marvel's Ernst Sablinova) from an affair committed by her mother. The wife to New Gotham Crime boss Silvio Bertinelli, also known as the Silver Capo. Due to his running of the five sicilian family in New Gotham City.


Real Name: Julia Yamashiro

Fusion of: DC's Katana/Marvel's Julia Carpenter

Flame SpiderEdit

Real Name: Mattie Kane

Fusion of: DC's Bette Kane/Marvel's Mattie Franklin

Black SpiderEdit

Real Name: Cassandra Corazon

Fusion of: DC's Cassandra Cain/Marvel's Anya Corazon

Blue RobinEdit

Real Name: Sally Brown

Fusion of: DC's Stephanie Brown/Marvel's Sally Avril

Ezekiel DucardEdit

Real Name: Ezekiel Ducard

Fusion of: DC's Henri Ducard/Marvel's Ezekiel Sims

Bio: One of Peter Wayne's mentors, who like him was endowned with spider powers. Who taught him in both martial arts and the use of his spider powers. He also reveals how both are part man part animal spider "totems". It is eventually revealed that he was involved in some corrupt dealings, and used his powers to gain profit. Though later would try and make amends for his mistakes.

Madame KirigiEdit

Real Name: Cassandra Kirigi

Fusion of: DC's Kirigi/Marvel's Madame Web

Bio: A blind and elderly woman who was both a master of martial arts as well as a powerful psychic. She would become one of Peter Wayne's mentors when he traveled the world and went to her because of her skills' reputation. Peter was at first skeptical, but decided to learn from her after she managed to beat him in a fight. Even after leaving her, she would eventually go to Gotham where she'd continue to be a spiritual guide to Peter during his war on crime as Dark Spider. Setting up shop as a fortuneteller with her psyonic powers.

J. Jonah WhiteEdit

Real Name: J. Jonah White

Fusion of: DC's Perry White/Marvel's J. Jonah Jameson


Grin GoblinEdit

Real Name: Jack Osborn

Fusion of: DC's Joker/Marvel's Green Goblin

Bio: Dark Spider's most fearsome archenemy. But he in his original persona starts out as just his business rival Jack Osborn, head of Osborn Industries. In his earlier life he grew up on the streets, but eventually managed to amass the fortune to start his company under the guise of a criminal known as the Red Goblin. He was eventually working on a performance enhancing serum late one night, but it blew up in his face face. It drastically changed his physical appearance by bleaching his skin white, turned his hair green, and put his mouth in a permanent smile. Along with his physical deformities he gained enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and intelligence. His mind had been warped by the experience and decided to use these powers for crime.

Emperor PenguinEdit

Real Name: Oswald Fisk

Fusion of: DC's Penguin/Marvel's Kingpin

Bio: The most powerful crime lord of New Gotham City who controls most of its criminal activity. Getting his nickname from his large stature, obesity, and prominently pointed nose. His family used to be of wealth, but his father eventually squandered it all away forcing them onto the streets. His father eventually died of pneumonia after being out in a rainstorm, compelling his mother to have him carry an umbrella with him wherever he went.Because of his appearance Oswald was often bullied by his peers, but eventually managed to get himself educated, and also tried acting with an air of sophistication. All in an attempt to reclaim his birthright, eventually managaing to amass himself a fortune and create his massive criminal empire. He uses a wide array of trick umbrellas as weapons. The public however thinks he is merely a wealthy philanthroist that owns a club in New Gotham called the Iceberg Lounge.


Real Name: Eddie "Bane" Brock

Fusion of: DC's Bane/Marvel's Venom

Bio: Eddie was born to a poor family in New Gotham City, with his mother dying during childbirth. Making his father have a permanent stigma against his son. He did everything to try and earn his father's approval, but to no avail. Even after developing a very keen and powerful mind, as well as pique physical shape. Because of this neglect his only friend in his childhood was his teddybear named Osito. He also often had nightmares about spiders, leading to a stigma against Dark Spider since learning about him. He eventually became a reporter for the Daily Globe, investigating a killer known as the Sin Reaper but also used his resources to try and bring down Dark Spider. He eventually got involved in a scandal that lead to him aiding in the conviction of a man saying he was the Sin Reaper, only to have Dark Spider proceed to capture the real one. This ruined his reputation, and lead to Eddie losing his job. In his desperation he became a street criminal, gaining the nickname Bane. During a criminal operation however his group was stopped by Dark Spider and Eddie arrested. After spending a while in prison Eddie volunteered for secret super soldier experiments that involved a drug called Venom made from an alien symbiote. One that had been used by Dark Spider and augmented his powers but started leading him down a darker path and so he discarded it. The symbiote and Brock formed an immediate bond with a shared hatred of Dark Spider. Because of its time spent on him, it gained augmented versions of all his powers and abilities. With this new power he escaped and began a complex plan in order to take down Dark Spider with his keen intellect and new intense powers. The symbiote and Eddie calling the new merger Shadow because of their relation to Dark Spider, by being a darker and more powerful version of him.

Black CatwomanEdit

Real Name: Felicia Kyle

Fusion of: DC's Catwoman/Marvel's Black Cat

Bio: A seductive cat-themed catburglar who acts as an enemy, love interest, and ally of Dark Spider at different times.

Dr. FreezeEdit

Real Name: Otto Fries

Fusion of: DC's Mr. Freeze/Marvel's Dr. Octopus

Bio: Otto Fries was a sciencist whose field of expertise ranged from mechanical engineering to cryogenics to zoology. He spent his life developing a suit that could facilitate the collection of frozen speciments from the ever melting polar caps while maintaining the encapsulating ice that preserved them. His project had a wealthy but secret funder whom the doctor was horrified to learn was a gangster known as Black Goblin. Goblin wanted to weaponize his suit to combat rival gang leader the Emperor Penguin. When Fries refused, Goblin revealed that he had taken the doctor's wife as a hostage. Fries attemped to attack Goblin wearing a prototype suit but was exposed to a myriaf of chemicals thad leaked from it. Goblin stole the his research while he was incapacitated but did not take the suit because it was faulty. Fries awoke to find that he was mutated by the chemicals,causing him to have to remain in temperatures so cold that they were inhospitable to most living beings. After modifying his suit to accommodate his condition,he swore revenge against the Black Goblin,vowing to recover his wife hideout,he was devastated to learn that he had attemped to use his technology on a person: his wife.


Real Name: Harvey Li

Fusion of: DC's Two-Face/Marvel's Mister Negative

Bio: Harvey Li was born the son of an illegal Chinese immigrant and a poor Gothamite. His mother dying when he was young and his father abusing him repeatedly through a sadistic game involving a double sided coin. Giving him a strong distrust of the upper class, an interest in chance, as well as a dark side to his personality. He managed to get himself educated however, eventually going to Law School and becoming the district attorney of New Gotham City. Becoming allies and friends with the vigilante Dark Spider and the cop George Gordon. He also kept secret a mysterious healing power he discovered himself to have. Unknown to him for most of his life however that his father had been experimented on by a Chemist named Simon Marshall in service to the Maggia crime syndicate after stealing a new identity and being forced into the procedures. Their experiments seemed to have no effect on him, but they had effects on his offspring. Creating the schism in his mind. He also had an alternate persona known as Negative-Face that became a powerful crime lord in China Town. One with a bizarre monochromatic appearance of his own self who started a crime syndicate in New Gotham's Chinatown that quickly ascended into great power and threatened to try and take over the rest of the city's crime in a rivalry with the crime boss known as the Emperor Penguin. He also has the power to corrupt others and control their minds (giving them monochromatic appearances like his own) as well as heightened physical attributes and the ability to energize weapons. While Negative-Face knew of his connection to Harvey Li, Li himself was unaware of it and made war on the mysterious Negative-Face, hoping to bring him down. Negative-Face had formed an alliance with a fellow New Gotham criminal known as Anomynous, whom with his mastery of disguised was used to help him at times keep up the facade of being a separate being from Negative-Face. Eventually Dark Spider managed to capture Negative-Face and when brought to trial the revelation was made in the court room that Li and Face were in fact the same. Driving the Li persona into a fit of rage, and started creating a merger between the two. His body then taking on a permanent form of being half normal and half monochrome. He managed to escape from the court room and re-secure his position in his criminal empire. Not knowing how to balance his newly put together light and dark sides Li decided to leave moralistic decisions to chance judged through a double sided coin (with one side monocrhomed with his power) that he decided to always keep on his person.

Kraven the BeastEdit

Real Name: Anatoli Kravinoff

Fusion of: DC's KGBeast/Marvel's Kraven the Hunter

Bio: Anatoli Kravinoff came from a former powerful family in Russia, and since birth was trained to become a KGB assassin. Before that could happen however the Soviet Union fell and his family lost its status. Anatoli did not to do in life with his skills and took to becoming a hunter. During his deadliest hunt in the wild he lost his arm and subsequently replaced it with a firearm. Though he loved the thrill of the hunt, it all became too easy for him and desired deadlier game. Something he found when he was contacted by his half-brother Edward Smyrdakov about a massive hit that had been put out by the crime lord known as the Emperor Penguin. Offering that they work together to bring him down, Kraven accepting the challenge.


Real Name: Edward Smerdyakov

Fusion of: DC's Riddler/Marvel's Chameleon

Bio: Anonymous is a mysterious supervillain. He is a master of disguise, but also has a great compulsion to prove how smart he is and be the center of attention. He normally takes on disguises when committing his various crimes, but would always leave riddles as clues to the identity of the person he's impersonating at the time.


Real Name: Quentin Crane

Fusion of: DC's Scarecrow/Marvel's Mysterio

Bio: Quentin Crane was a special effects wizard in the horror movie business, most of it stemming from a sick obsession he had developed for fear. He eventually realized that being a special effects man was a dead on job where he could not get fame or spread true fear and thus became the supervillain Feario, armed with high end technology that he uses to create horrific images to put fear into his opponents. He decided to make a name for himself by trying to take out Dark Spider.

Dr. FreezeEdit

Real Name: Otto Fries

Fusion of: DC's Mr. Freeze/Marvel's Dr. Octopus



Real Name: Kirk Connors

Fusion of: DC's Man-Bat/Marvel's Lizard

Bio: The scientist Kirk Connors got hit by an explosion while serving as a medic during combat that took away one of his arms and damaged his hearing. He became obsessed with trying to cure his ailment by attempting to splice animal DNA into his body. The experiment backfired because he accidentally mixed the DNA of both a bat and a lizard together before splicing himself. Turning him into an abominable monster that was part man, bat, and lizard.


Real Name: Blake Fireheart

Fusion of: DC's Catman/Marvel's Puma


Black GoblinEdit

Real Name: Roman Kingsley

Fusion of: DC's Black Mask/Marvel's Hobgoblin

Bio: Roman Kingsley was the socialite head of Janus Fashion & Cosmetics, and old "friend" of Peter Wayne. He had a stenuous relationship with his parents, including them forcing a friendship between him and Peter for social status, leading him to murdering them and gaining full control of the company. And used ruthless business tactics to get his way. His company eventually faced financial calamity with the release of a defective product, but Peter attempted to bail him out by purchasing the company. Roman was humiliated by this and decided to attain his revenge by seeking out the formula that created the supervillain known as Joker Goblin. He found it and tried perfecting it to get rid of any negative side effects, and then used it on himself giving him the goblin powers. He took the Goblin arsenal, and then made himself an outfit that includes an orange cloak and a black mask carved to look like a skull carved from the lid of his mother's grave.

Mr. SlaughterEdit

Real Name: Victor Kasady Fusion of: DC's Mister Zsasz/Marvel's Carnage

Poison WitchEdit

Real Name: Pamela Ezili

Fusion of: DC's Poison Ivy/Marvel's Calypso

Bio: A former botanist who during her work fell so deep in love with nature that she eventually decided to leave behind her old life and live out in nature on the island of Haiti. There she learned Voodoo ways from an old Voodoo practioner that included magic and potion making

Ashen CrocEdit

Real Name: Waylon Lincoln

Fusion of: DC's Killer Croc/Marvel's Tombstone

Bio: Waylon Lincoln was born in a poor part of New Gotham with a degenerative disease. It started out with him just being born an albino, but as he grew older progressed into him growing albinic scales all over his body as well. His only peer who did not torment him over this was Lucius Robertson, and growing up they had a twisted friendship where Waylon abused him all he wanted. But the condition with this deforming also gave him great strength and durability. He eventually got jobs street fighting and when he was evidently strong enough crocodile wrestling. And eventually Lincoln decided that he would try and make a name for himself as a criminal, hoping one day to rise to the top of the underworld. He took the name Ashen Croc because of his pale and scaley appearance. To add to his harrowing appearance he also filed his teeth to sharp points.

Ventriloquist & HammerheadEdit

Real Name: Joseph Wesker Fusion of: DC's Ventriloquist & Scarface/Marvel's Hammerhead


Real Name: Garfield Toomes

Fusion of: DC's Firefly/Marvel's Vulture

Mad TinkererEdit

Real Name: Phinneas Tetch

Fusion of: DC's Mad Hatter/Marvel's Tinkerer


Real Name: Basil Marko

Fusion of: DC's Basil Karlo/Marvel's Sandman


Real Name: Morrie Hagen

Fusion of: DC's Matt Hagen/Marvel's Hydro-Man


Real Name: Herman Lawton

Fusion of: DC's Deadshot/Marvel's Shocker

Bio: A thug for hire who is a great marksman, and wields a pair of pistols he invented that fire extremely powerful shcokwaves.


Real Name: Aleksei Desmond

Fusion of: DC's Blockbuster/Marvel's Rhino

Killer BeetleEdit

Real Name: Drury Jenkins

Fusion of: DC's Firefly/Marvel's Beetle

Harley GoblinEdit

Real Name: Harleen Hollister

Fusion of: DC's Harley Quinn/Marvel's Menace


Red GoblinEdit

Real Name: Jason Osborn

Fusion of: DC's Jason Todd/Marvel's Harry Osborn

Bio: Jason Osborn is the teenage son of Peter Wayne's industrial rival Jack Osborn, the head of Osborn Industries. His father was very cold towards him, never letting them get that close. It filled Jason with feelings of resentment and anger towards his father. Jason became a drug addict and would commit crimes out on the streets to vent his rage and show his independence, and was eventually caught in the act by Dark Spider who recognized him as Jack's son. Peter took Jason under his wing to try and set him down the right path. Jason eventually becoming his sidekick called Green Robin. Eventually he and Gwen went to Bosnia with Dark Spider to try and stop a plan apparently being held by the Joker Goblin under the employ of the terrorist Ra's Al Wahsh, the head of the Hand of Assassins. While they stayed out of the front lines of the fighting, Joker Goblin managed to capture Jason and Gwen. He took them to a warehouse that was rigged to explode, but proceeded to beat Jason with a crowbar as retribution for his son "betraying" him. And as he left revealed that he was his father. Joker Goblin then managed to tell Dark Spider via phone the location of the warehouse, and that both of his young helpers were held in opposite ends of the building. With him having only time to save one. Dark Spider managed to get their, but went after Gwen first. He left her in safety to go after Jason, though was too late. Unknown to his friends, his body was taken and switched with a fake by a guilt ridden Ra's Al Wahsh. He decided to try and revive Jason with the lazarus pit. It worked, but he was in a deranged state. He ran out of the cave and disappeared. He eventually managed to return to New Gotham and went to one of his father's goblin hideouts in order to use the goblin formula, but also learned about Jack's formal criminal persona of the Red Goblin. He decided to take that as his monkier in his quest for vengeance.

Demon GoblinEdit

Real Name: Gabriel Al Nefaria/Wayne

Fusion of: DC's Damian Wayne/Marvel's Gabriel Stacy

Don Vincente FalconeEdit

Real Name: Vincente Falcone

Fusion of: DC's Carmine Falcone/Marvel's Vincente Fortunato

Bio: At the start of Dark Spider's war on crime he is one of the most powerful mobsters in New Gotham City.


Real Name: Angelo Falcone

Fusion of: DC's Alberto Falcone/Marvel's Angelo Fortunato

Bio: The younger son of Don Vincente Falcone, and considered his weakest child by his father. Trying to get him to live a normal life. Angelo was desperate to prove that he was great enough to be a part of the Falcone crime family. Eventually Edward Brock, the supervillain known as Shadow, decided to put his Venom symbiote suit for auction for charity. Angelo arrived as a mystery bidder and managed to win the suit. Eddie tried to warn him of the suit's power and influence but Angelo said the risk was worth it, as anything would be better than the ridicule he had faced. He used the suit and became obsessed with it's power, adopting the persona of Feast. He became a mysterious mob serial killer. Committing the murders on sequential holidays. It became a big mystery that Dark Spider tried solving, but was eventually attacked by Feast at his Wayne Enterprises office, under the suit's influence as it still wanted revenge against Dark Spider, where he managed to beat him down in a fight and reveal that he was the one behind the mob killings.


Real Name: Giacomo Falcone

Fusion of: DC's Mario Falcone/Marvel's Giacomo Fortunato



Real Name: Frances Louise Falcone

Fusion of: DC's Sophia Falcone/Marvel's Shriek

Blackie ZuccoEdit

Real Name: Blackie Zucco

Fusion of: DC's Tony Zucco/Marvel's Blackie Gaxton

Big BossEdit

Real Name: Frederick Maroni

Fusion of: DC's Sal "The Boss" Maroni/Marvel's Big Man

Silver CapoEdit

Real Name: Silvio Bertinelli

Fusion of: DC's Franco Bertinelli/Marvel's Silvermane

Joe CarradineEdit

Real Name: Joe Carradine

Fusion of: DC's Joe Chill/Marvel's Dennis Carradine

Bio: The street thug who had murdered Richard and Mary Wayne, leading to Peter becoming Dark Spider.


Real Name: Nick Moxon

Fusion of: DC's Lew Moxon/Marvel's Crime-Master

Bio: Nick Moxon was a gang leader and bank robber who wore a mask, proclaiming himself the Crime-Master, and had ties with Peter Wayne's father Richard. During one of his heists, Richard happened to be at the bank he was robbing and aided in his capture. Moxon swore revenge in court, but was unable to get the chance as a street thug named Joe Carradine had killed both Richard and his wife Mary during a robbery. Jack Osborn, the Joker Goblin, had eventually learned Dark Spider's true identity and also found out about the relationship between Moxon and Richard. The Crime-Master had recently come out of retirement and was rivaling Joker Goblin at the time, and so Joekr Goblin decided to kill two birds with one stone. He wanted to push Dark Spider over the edge and bring him down to his level, and Moxon eliminated. He managed to confront the recently captured Joe Carradine as Jack Osborn in prison and told him to confess for the murder of the Wayne family and to tell Batman that Nick Moxon had hired him to murder his parents to get that revenge he had sworn in return for getting his freedom. Dark Spider confronted him in prison, and Joe did as instructed putting Dark Spider after Moxon. Osborn than had Carradine murderered shortly after Dark Spider's departure. Dark Spider confronted Moxon, beat him to a pulp, and revealed hsi true identity to try and get him to confess. But despite all of these efforts Moxon never did since he had never comitted the crime to begin with. Peter toyed with killing him but eventually retook control of himself and let Moxon live. After Joker Goblin saw that his plan had failed he killed Moxon himself.

Terrible EnforcersEdit

Fusion of: DC's Terrible Trio/Marvel's Enforcers

Members: Fancy Fox (DC's Fox/Marvel's Fancy Dan), Bull Shark (DC's Shark/Marvel's Ox), Buzzard (DC's Vulture/Marvel's Montana)

Bio: A Trio of inventors from New Gotham who seek new challenges and greater thrills in life. Doing so by donning criminal personas and becoming thugs for hire for the New Gotham mob.

Sin ReaperEdit

Real Name: Judson Carter

Fusion of: DC's Reaper/Marvel's Sin Eater

Bio: A violent vigilante in New Gotham armed with a large hook like weapon and a shotgun.


Real Name: None

Fusion Of: DC's Prometheus/Marvel's Kaine

Bio: A clone of Dark Spider created by Professor Miles Strange, also known as Professor Jackal. He was the first clone concieved, and was made to become the "Anti-Dark Spider" to ultimately destroy him. Memories of his parents being murdered by George Stacy were programed into his mind along with the great martial arts training in order to match Dark Spider. However Anansi came out physically deformed and slowly generating.


Real Name: None

Fusion of: DC's The Wrath/Marvel's Spidercide

Bio: Another clone of Dark Spider made by Professor Jackal, who much like Anansi had programmed memories of his parents being murdered by cops led by George Stacy and skills in order to put him down a path to become a super criminal with the purpose of taking down Dark Spider. He was released by Professor Jackal after he thought Anansi had been killed in battle.

Madame TaliaEdit

Real Name: Talia Al Nefaria

Fusion of: DC's Talia Al Ghul/Marvel's Madam Masque

Ra's Al NefariaEdit

Real Name: Ra's Al Nefaria

Fusion of: DC's Ra's Al Ghul/Marvel's Count Nefaria


Green Armor CharactersEdit


Green ArmorEdit

Real Name: Oliver Stark

Fusion of: DC's Green Arrow/Marvel's Iron Man

Black BirdEdit

Real Name: Natasha Lance

Fusion of: DC's Black Canary/Marvel's Black Widow

War ArsenalEdit

Real Name: Roy Rhodes

Fusion of: DC's Roy Harper/Marvel's Jim Rhodes

Speed MachineEdit

Real Name; Bethany Dearden

Fusion of: DC's Mia Dearden/Marvel's Bethany Cabe


Real Name: Bonnie "Pepper" Potts

Fusion of: DC's Miss Aroweete/Marvel's Pepper Potts

Green Armor 2020Edit

Real Name: Arno Hawke

Fusion of: DC's Connor Hawke/Marvel's Iron Man 2020

Iron ArrowEdit

Real Name: Suzanne Williams

Fusion of: DC's Arowette/Marvel's Iron Hearth


Count MandarinEdit

Real Name: Werner Khan

Fusion of: DC's Count Vertigo/Marvel's Mandarin

Bio: Werner was born of the union between two powerful families. The wealthy Khan family of China, and the noble Vertigo family of Vlataveria (A fusion of DC's Vlatava/Marvel's Latveria). He was born with a defect that harmed his balance that manifested when he was a child. That and his mixed heritage giving him a lot of bullying from his peers. He was eventually given an experimental surgery with an implant created from alien technology that fixed his balance, but unwittingly also gave him the ability to induce vertigo (the loss of balance to others). Afterwards he sought out the technology that created the implant and used the alien technology to create a set of ten power rings to also aid him in his mission.

Iron MerlynEdit

Real Name: Arthur Stane

Fusion of: DC's Merlyn/Marvel's Iron Monger


Real Name: Mark Brickwell

Fusion of: DC's Brick/Marvel's Whiplash

Ra's Al NefariaEdit

Real Name: Ra's Al Nefaria

Fusion of: DC's Ra's Al Ghul/Marvel's Count Nefaria

Madame TaliaEdit

Real Name: Talia Al Nefaria

Fusion of: DC's Talia Al Ghul/Marvel's Madam Masque

Black Dynamo

Real Name: Anton Lacroix

Fusion of: Dc's Comodo/Marvel's Crimson Dymamo

Anton Lacroix designed an armor controlled by electromagnetism. With its black covering, he named it the Black Dynamo. First, he was sent to sabotage Stark industries, but was stop by a young Oliver Stark.

Unicorn Demon

Real Name: Milos Dosinsky

Fusion of: Dc's NKVDemon/Marvel's Unicorn

Bio: Milos Dosinsky is a protege of a Russian assasin Kraven the Beast. Wearing technology designed by the Black Dynamo, Dosinsky gives himself the alias the "Unicorn Demon" and battles Green Armor.

Rainbow Melter

Real Name: Bruno Raines

Fusion of: Dc's Rainbow Archer/Marvel's Melter


Fire Twister

Real Name: Dan Gilbert

Fusion of: Dc's Mister Twister/Marvel's Firebrand


Real Name: ???

Fusion of: Dc's Onomatopeia/Marvel's Ghost

Professor Extermis

Real Name: Ojo Killian

Fusion of: Dc's Professor Ojo/Marvel's Oldrich Killian


Real Name: Shado Bain

Fusion of: Dc's Shado/Marvel's Sunset Bain


Real Name: Mortimer Velsing

Fusion of: Dc's Cavalier/Marvel's Dreadknight

Silver Man

Real Name: Boris

Fusion of: Dc's Silver Monkey/Marvel's Titanium Man


BLOOD (Bionic Logistical Organism Of Destruction)

Real Name: Sebastian Tarleton

Fusion of: Dc's Brother Blood/Marvel's MODOK

Bio: Mad sciencist and leader of the terroristic organisation AHEM ( A fusion of Dc's HIVE/Marvel's AIM)

White Cowl

Real Name: Chien Na Hammer

Fusion of: Dc's China White/Marvel's Crimson Cowl

Demon Hulk CharactersEdit


Demon HulkEdit

Real Name: Robert Blood/Jason Banner/Joseph "Joe" Etrigan

Fusion of: DC's Jason Blood & Etrigan/Marvel's Bruce Banner & Hulk

Bio: Back in the Middle Ages the demon lord Belial found himself smitten with lust for a beautiful human woman named Rebecca Blood, and approached her the guise of a man named Brian. After sleeping with her Belial returned to Hell, but had impregnated Rebecca. She eventually gave birth to a son who she named Robert. He from a young age while well behaved also exhibited something of a repressed dark side (given his unknown demonic ancestry)

Red AngelEdit

Real Name: Zauriel (Alias: Elizabeth "Betty" Ross)

Fusion of: DC's Zauriel/Marvel's Elizabeth "Betty" Ross

Bio: A warrior angel from Heaven, and the daughter of the Angel general Asmodel. For centuries she like her father opposed Demon Hulk. She eventually began to fell in love with Jason Banner the more she got to know him and that he was not as bad as her father painted him to be.

Doc DevilEdit

Real Name: Leonard Cassidy

Fusion of: DC's Blue Devil/Marvel's Doc Samson

Devil BombEdit

Real Name: Rick Bloomberg

Fusion of: DC's Red Devil/Marvel's Rick Jones

Shining KnightEdit

Real Name: Sir Justin Talbot

Fusion of: DC's Justin Arthur/Marvel's Glenn Talbot

Bio: A former knight of the round table from the middle ages, and given magically powered equipment including weapons and armor by the angel Asmodel when on his way to Camelot. Eventually when the Demon Hulk appeared he because of his powerful weaponry was the one sent to take him down and the two became fierce rivals, clashing on a few occasions. Their final battle taking place in the north where he fell into a crevasse during the battle, and did not re-awaken until centuries later. He was enraged at being taken away from everything and everyone he cared about and then became obsessed with taking down Demon Hulk for retribution for what had happened.


Solomon the AbominableEdit

Real Name: Cyrus Blonsky

Fusion of: DC's Solomon Grundy/Marvel's Abomination

Bio: Once a powerful but shady merchant in Gotham City who had first crossed paths with Jason Banner in the 19th Century. Banner found out about Blonsky's shady dealings as well as Blonsky learning that Banner was the Demon Hulk, leading the two to conflict. Using the power of the Demon Hulk he managed to slay Cyrus, and left his body in Slaughter Swamp. Centuries later the supervillain known as Bighead was experimenting with Gamma rays in Slaughter Swamp, with an accident occuring and effecting Blonsky's body. It not only rejuvinated it, but it made it immensely more powerful. Blonsky rose from the swamp a zombie, his facade also being mutated into a somewhat amphibias looking form because of the swamp's fauna. His body took on traits of plans as well, such as bleeding tree sap rather than blood. Upon arising Blonsky took up the name Solomon the Abominable and sought Banner in order to get his revenge.


Real Name: Hector Sterns

Fusion of: DC's Hector Hammond/Marvel's Leader

Fallen HulkEdit

Real Name: Asmodel (Alias: Thaddeus Ross)

Fusion of: DC's Asmodel/Marvel's Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Bio: Asmodel was an angel and lead general of heaven's armies, the Pax Dei. He had a hatred for demons, particularly Belial (the Hell Hulk) one of the lords of Hell. Eventually born to a woman named Rebecca Blood was one his spawns who was named Robert. Eventually after his first transformation into the Demon Hulk Asmodel became fixed upon him, and sought to have what he saw as an abomination of humanity destroyed. He many a time tried to have Blood and the Demon Hulk destroyed, including having the Shining Knight created in attempt to kill him, but it all failed. He eventually became cast out of Heaven and put into human form because of his obsession. He did not allow this to stop him as he joined the American military of Earth and managed to rise up through the ranks until he became a general under the alias of Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. (his nickname in Heaven was Thunderbolt Asmodel)

Hell HulkEdit

Real Name: Belial (Alias: Brian)

Bio: One of the demon lords of hell, and the father of Robert Blood.

Nova Lantern CharactersEdit


Nova LanternEdit

Real Name: Harold "Hal" Rider

Fusion of: DC's Hal Jordan/Marvel's Richard Rider


Nova Lantern IIEdit

Real Name: Samuel "Sam" Rayner

Fusion of: DC's Kyle Rayner/Marvel's Sam Alexander

Nova Lantern IIIEdit

Real Name: John Owens

Fusion of: DC's John Stewart/Marvel's Tre Owens

Nova Lantern PrimeEdit

Real Name: Rhomann Sur

Fusion of: DC's Abin Sur/Marvel's Rhomann Dey


Sin NovaEdit

Real Name: Garthan Sinestro

Fusion of: DC's Sinestro/Marvel's Garthan Saal


Real Name: Harrowlax

Fusion of: DC's Parallax/Marvel's Harrow


Real Name: Hector Sterns

Fusion of: DC's Samuel Sterns/Marvel's Leader

Spectre Rider CharactersEdit


Spectre RiderEdit

Real Name: James "Jim" Ketch

Fusion of: DC's Jim Corrigan/Marvel's Daniel Ketch

Wrath RiderEdit

Real Name: Bruce Blaze

Fusion of: DC's Bruce Gordon/Marvel's Johnny Blaze

Noble AztarEdit

Real Name: Noble Aztar

Fusion of: DC's Aztar/Marvel's Noble Kale



Real Name: Mephisteron

Fusion of: DC's Neron/Marvel's Mephisto


Real Name: Galidos

Fusion of: DC's Eclipso/Marvel's Zarathos

Kung Fu Masters for Hire CharactersEdit


Iron DragonEdit

Real Name: Richard Rand

Fusion of: DC's Richard Dragon/Marvel's Iron Fist

Power TigerEdit

Real Name: Luke Turner

Fusion of: DC's Bronze Tiger/Marvel's Luke Cage

Howling Company CharactersEdit


Sgt. Nick RockEdit

Real Name: Nicholas Rock

Fusion of: DC's Frank Rock/Marvel's Nick Fury

Dum-Dum DozerEdit

Real Name: Horace Dugan

Fusion of: DC's Horace "Bulldozer" Canfield/Marvel' Timothy "Dum-Dum" Dugan

Jackie JonesEdit

Real Name: Jackie Jones

Fusion of: DC's Jackie Johnson/Marvel's Gabriel Jones

Wild RebelEdit

Real Name: Robert Shapiro

Fusion of: DC's Harold "Wildman" Shapiro/Marvel's Robert "Rebel" Ralston

Junior WestEdit

Real Name: Jonathan West

Fusion of: DC's William "Junior" West/Marvel's Jonathan Juniper

Thunderman Edit


Real Name: Thor-El, Donald Kent

Fusion of: Dc's Superman/Marvel's Thor

Bio: Thor-El is a only survivor of the planet Asgard. He was sent to Earth by his father Odin-El in a rocket ship. On the Earth he was found a kindly couple Jon and Martha Kent. When he was a teenager he found a wooden stick where upon touching he transformed into Thunderman. After learning of his turn origins he moved to the Metropolis (Amalgam version of Metropolis) and got a job in a Planet Bugle.

Lois Foster

Fusion of: Dc's Lois Lane/Marvel's Jane Foster


Real Name: Tarene Zor-El, Tara Denvers

Fusion of: Dc's Supergirl/Marvel's Thor Girl



Real Name: Eric Kent

Fusion of: Dc's Superboy/Marvel's Thunderstrike

Bio: Clone created by a Lex Loki to destroy Thunderman along with Ragnarro, but he chose the side of goodness and joined to Thunderman.


Lex Loki

Real Name: Lok-El

Fusion of: Dc's Lex Luthor/Marvel's Loki

Absorming Skull

Real Name: Carl Martin

Fusion of: Dc's Atomic Skull/Marvel's Absorming Man



Real Name: Jerard Wyndham

Fusion of: Dc's Ultra-Humanite/Marvel's Huge Evolutionary

Bio: Jerard Wyndham was a geneticist thaf built a genetic acceleraror in the 1930s. The accelerator had to ability to evolve any thing was placed inside it. Wyndham then decided to use the accelerator on himself to enhanse his mind and body. With his advanced thinking, he decided to call himself the Ultra-Evolutionary.


Real Name: "Roderick Rouse"

Fusion of: Dc's Hellgrammite/Marvel's Man-Beast

Bio: An evolved red wolf created by Ultra-Evolutionary, the Hellbeast is a frequent adversary of Thunderman


Real Name: ???

Fusion of: Dc's Doomsday/Marvel's Bi-Beast


General Skurge

Real Name: Dru-Skurge

Fusion of: Dc's General Zod/Marvel's Scurge the Excutioner

Faora the Enchantress

Real Name: Faora

Fusion of: Dc's Faora/Marvel's Amora the Enchantress


Fusion of: Dc's Anti-Monitor/Marvel's Surtur


Fusion of: Dc's Jax-Ur/Marvel's Hela

Lena Loki

Fusion of: Dc's Lena Luthor/Marvel's Agamemnon

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