Young Avengers: Earth's Young Heroes is an animated series that airs on Cartoon XD. It is an Amalgamation of DC's Young Justice and Marvel's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.



Season 1Edit

  • Iron Bird (Robin/Iron Man)
  • Hulkboy (Superboy/Hulk)
  • Miss Wasp (Miss Martian/Wasp)
  • Thunder Flash (Kid Flash/Thor)
  • Aqua-ant (Aqualad/Ant-man)
  • Hawkemis (Artemis/Hawkeye)
  • American Arrow (Red Arrow/Captain America)
  • Black Rocket (Black Panther/Rocket)

Season 2Edit

New members:

  • Ms. Wonder (Wonder Girl/Ms. Marvel)
  • Blue Vision (Blue Beetle/Vision)


  • Loki Savage (Vandal Savage/Loki)
  • The Masters of the Light (The Light/Masters of Evil)
    • Baron Al's Ghul (Ra's A Ghul/Baron Zemo)
    • Amora the Witch Girl (Klarion the Witch Boy/Enchantress)
    • Crimson Master (Ocean Master/Crimson Dynamo)
    • Brainination (Brain/Abomination)
    • Simon Luthor (Lex Luthor/Wonder Man)
  • Ultramazo (Amazon/Ultron)
  • Skrullitarians (Krolotarians/Skrulls)

More to be added....

Other CharactersEdit

  • Spharvis (Sphere/Jarvis)


Season 1Edit

  • Independent Breakout (Part 1)
  • Fireout (Part 2)
  • Required to Happy Harbor
  • Iron-zone
  • School the Mighty
  • Infiltrator vs the World
  • Meet Denial
  • Downtime in the Ant Hill
  • Berefet Legend
  • Wonderful Targets
  • Panther's Terrors
  • Gamma Homefront (Part 1)
  • Gamma Male (Part 2)
  • Masters of Revilation
  • Humanity 459
  • Widow's Failsafe
  • The Man Who Disordered Tomorrow
  • Come the Secrets
  • The Misplaced Dynasty
  • The Casket of Coldhearted Winters
  • Hail Image
  • Agendas-5
  • The Insecurity Inperative
  • This Hostage Preformance
  • The Fall of Unussual Suspects
  • An Alud Acquaintence Unlike Any Other

Season 2Edit

  • Happy New War
  • Alone Against Earthlings
  • Acts of Alienated
  • Welcome to the Salvage Empire
  • To Steal Beneath
  • Michael Bloodlines
  • Trust Depths

19 more to air.

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