Justice League Avengers


Thunder Woman, Green Panther, Silver Flash, Captain Aqua, Knightbat, Super-Spider, Nightdevil, Ironwing, The Creep, The Raven, Ms. Power, Lantern X, Atom-Ant, Super-Spider (Kara Morales), Martian Vision, Plastic Widow

The Justice League Avengers are a team in the New Amalgam Universe. They are an amalgamation of the Justice League and the Avengers.



The Justice League Avengers formed when Demoki threatened to conquer the world. He took control of the Creep, and sent him to kill Super-Spider and Thunder Woman. Meanwhile, Killjoy is going to sacrifice New Gotham City, but Ironwing comes in to help Knightbat stop him. When the Creep if finally able to break free of Demoki's control, Thunder Woman realizes he was being controled. She realizes that it was Demoki controling him, and sets out to find Demoki. The Creep wants revenge on Demoki for controling him, and Super-Spider wants to help. They set out to find Demoki, and find Killjoy fighting Ironwing and Knightbat. The three fly to help the fight, but the Creep suddenly snaps back under Demoki's control. He fights Thunder Woman and Super-Spider again. Then, Silver Flash comes in, but is attackes by Sovereign, also under Demoki's control. The five defeat them, and the Creep turns back in Jack Banner, and they set off to confront Demoki. However, they are confronted by Atom-Ant and Plastic Widow, attempting to arrest them for harboring a fugitive and an alien. A fight starts, but Plastic Widow decides to leave. However, Atom-Ant decides to stay with the team and help fight them. They travel to Amagard to confront Demoki. When they arrive, they are encountered by Superhawk, who immedietly attacks Silver Flash. The other heroes attack Demoki, until he begins to manipulate the Creep again. The Creep attacks the heroes, except for Thunder Woman, who goes after Demoki. Thunder Woman is defeated, and help prisoner by Demoki. The Creep snaps out of Demoki's control, and the heroes team up on Superhawk and defeat him. They fight Demoki, and defeat him. They later create the Watchmansion so that way they have a base in case they need to fight another world threatening situation. However, Super-Spider gives a speech, and they decide to become a full time team. They become the Justice League Avengers.

Recrutment and more foesEdit

Soon after their formation, the Justice League Avengers had another major challenge. They were contacted to fight Gravistar, a giant starfish that can control gravity. While fighting the starfish, they find a frozen body. The bring him aboard the Javajet, and discover he is Captain Aqua. Captain Aqua helps the team defeat Gravistar, and joins the team. However, during this time, the Creep left the team. They later fough the Masters of Injustice, consisting of several of the Justice League Avengers's own foes. Led by Master Zemo, they almost defeated the Justice League Avengers. But, due to the help of Lantern X, they were able to defeat the Masters of Injustice. They gave him an invitation to join the team, but he did not except. They later defeated the time traveler Chrangos. Later, when the Spetyonder (Spectre/Beyonder) gathered heroes from accros the multiverse during Secret Wars on Infinite Earths, the Justice League Avengers were among them. They fough an army of supervillains from all universe, and won. During this time, Super-Spider gave leadership to Captain Aqua and resigned from the team after getting his new black costume. Green Panther also joined the team. Sometime after this, Knightbat brought in his partner Nightdevil to join the team.

Invasion Hour: Secret in TimeEdit

For the next couple of months, they continue to protect the world. One day, they later are confronted by a robot from mars called Martian Vision, who says that shapshifting aliens known as the Thanaskrullains will be infiltrating the Earth. The team realizes that someone in the team has been replaced by a Thanaskrullian, and they think Thunder Woman is the prime suspect. The team turns on her, until it is revealed Captain Aqua was the Thanaskrullian. Thunder Woman resigns from the team, and they don't know where the real Captain Aqua is. They realize they will need more than one person familiar with cosmic beings, so they recruit Ms. Power into the team. The Raven (Tim Drake/Taskmaster) joins the team to help with the invasion too. Thunder Woman comes to help in the final battle, but does not rejoin the team. The Justice League Avengers defeat the Thanaskrullains, but realize that it was just the beginning. They are confronted by Lantern X, who has been possessed by Apocarrallax. Lantern X reveals he was going to try to recreate time. They fight him, and are able to defeat him. Following this, Lantern X joins the Justice League Avengers.

Death of Super-SpiderEdit

During a fight with the new villain Doomsvenom, Super-Spider is killed in battle. The Justice League Avengers attend his funeral, and carry his casket to his burial place. Following this, Knightbat and Lantern X resign from the Justice League Avengers. However, Peter Kent's replacement as Super-Spider, Kara Morales, took over as Super-Spider and joined the Justice League Avengers. Later at some point, Plastic Widow joined the team, Thunder Woman rejoined, and The Rave left.

Please noteEdit

Please note, these events did not actually happen in the New Amalgam Universe. They are simply ideas I have had for the team. These may or may not follow the history of the actual team.

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