Justice Avengers: Earth's Unlimited Heroes is a cartoon that aired on Cartoon XD. It was originally Justice Avengers: Heroes, but the name was changed for the second and third seasons. It is an amalgamation of Justice League Unlimited and the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes


Justice Avengers: HeroesEdit

Season 1Edit

Secret Breakout (Part 1)

Secret Breakout (Part 2)

In Assembled Night

The Legend Below

Wonder for All

Panther Lost

Gamma War (Part 1)

Gamma War (Paer 2)

The Masters of the Brave and the Bold

The Fury of 459

Legend's Sting

The Man Who Stole Time (Part 1)

Come the Savage (Part 2)

The Time Dynasty (Part 3)

The Casket of Shadows

Hail Hydramorphois


The Tabula Impeterative

This Hostage Star (Part 1)

The Cross of Themagard (Part 2)

A Star Unlike Any Other (Part 3)

Justice Avengers: Earth's Unlimited HeroesEdit

Season 2Edit

the Private Initiciative

Alone Against the Man who has everything

Acts of Kid Stuff

Welcome to the Fearful Empire

To Steal the Greatest Story Never Told

The Return of Michael

Ultimatum Trust

The Heart of Beta Ray Orana

Wake of the Red

The Cat of War

The Ties that Infiltrate

The Secret Sanction

Along came a Task Force

Behold... the Balance

The Powerless Date

Clash on 42

Unlimited Hunter

Question Yelowjacket

Emperor Flashpoint

Code Red in the Sky

Divided the Soldier Falls

I am the Deadlist Man Alive

Shadow of the New Justice League Avengers

To Another Galactic Storm

Live Kree or Die Dead

Alive Aseemble (Part 1)

Destroyer Assemble (Part 2)

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