Justice Legion 2 is a 10-issue limited series in the Ultimate DC continuity.


Jim Corrigan, The Specter, becomes a fugitive when he is revealed as the mysterious phantom responsible for the disappearances of several people (who were secretly wanted criminals). Wonder Woman becomes hated as well after she stops a terrorist attack yet accidentally destroys an entire hospital doing so. The Justice Legion becomes frowned upon by most of the world, and several wannabe superhero teams pop up passing themselves off as superheroes taking the Justice Legion's place. One team, the "Seven Soldiers of Victory" (Black Lightning, Timber Wolf, Antiope, The Tornado Twins, Maxima, and Lilith Clay), attacks the Justice Legion. They are defeated easily. When asked why they attacked, the Seven Soldiers of Victory just say that there is a rebellion coming. Days later, a group of terrorists attack. They call themselves The Champions, and they consist of Bizarro, a Superman wannabe who injected a special serum into himself that gave him rocky albino skin and super-powers, Azmodius, a posessed man with powers equal to Specter, Film Freak, a woman with the ability to create amazing illusions and astonishing sound effects, Anansi, a demonic entity resembling a spider, Damage, a super-fast brute, The Duplicate Man, a clone of Red Star, and Sgt. Wartillian, an evil alien and former Green Lantern. The Champions challenge the Justice Legion to fight them head to head when they attack Times Square. The next day, at Times Square, the Legion is waiting is disguise as a group of reporters. When The Champions arrive, the Justice Legion reveal themselves and battle The Champions. During the battle, Sgt. Wartillian, The Atom, and Azmodius are killed. The Champions get away as soon as the government and the authorities arrive. The JL are blamed for the destruction and they flee. The next day, the Champions attack a super-prison full of super-villains, and free several villains. A vortex suddenly opens and Ares emerges from it, and reveals that he had the Seven Soldiers of Victory attack them, and that he formed the Champions. Ares summons several trolls and giants to help him and The Champions. They outnumber the Legion and horribly injure Superman. Wonder Woman manages to summon all her power and open a portal to Tartarus. She throws Ares into the portal and closes it. She manages to kill all of the trolls and giants usmmoned by Ares, then, in rage, she kills Damage and Film Freak. The Legion manages to smash there enemies through the ground into a generator that powers the prison. There is a huge explosion that seemingly kills the Legion. However, it is revealed Wonder Woman, right before the explosion, opened a portal and brought the rest of the Legion into it. The Legion ends up back at there Watchtower, where they are greeted by ADAR agents.

Collected EditionsEdit

Name: Issues:
Soldiers #1-3
Rebellion #4-6
Challenge #7-10
Justice Legion 2 #1-10
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