Lantern Rider (Hal Blaze) is a combination of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze).


Hal Blaze was the son of Martin Blaze, a motorcycle stuntsman. His mother left Martin and Hal, and Martin died in a motorcycle crash. After that, he was adopted by Carl Simpson, the head of the stunt show Martin was in. Hal became attracted to Carl's daughter, Carol, and eventually joined Carl and Carol in thier stunt show. But when he learned about Carl's life-threatning cancer, Hal cast a spell that would summon the cosmic demon Mephistallax, and sold his soul to Mephestallax. Martin was cured of the disease, but was killed in a stunt. Mephistallax tried to extract his soul from him, but he was saved by a rogue demon, Abin Thos, who bonded himself with Hal as a ring. Hal swore revenge on Mephistallax, and became the Lantern Rider!


Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)/Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Lantern Rider (Hal Blaze)

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)/Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch): Lantern Rider (Kyle Ketch)

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)/Phantom Rider (Carter Slade): Lantern Rider (Alan Slade)

Jade/Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade): Jade Rider

Martin Jordan/Barton Blaze: Martin Blaze

Carl Ferris/Crash Simpson: Carl Simpson

Carol Ferris/Roxanne Simpson: Carol Simpson

Sister Sara/Saint Walker: Sister Walker

Abin Sur/Zarathos: Abin Thos

Mephisto/Parallax: Mephistallax

Blackheart/Sinestro: Goldheart

Arkillo/Asmodeus: Arkildeus

Centurious/Atrocitus: Centrocitus

Doctor Polaris/The Orb: Doctor Orb

Larfleeze/Zadkiel: Zadfleeze

Lilith/Fatality: Fatalilith

Blackout/Black Hand: Black Power

Nekron/Deathwatch: Nekrowatch

Krona/Nightmare: Kronmare

Aqueduct/Sonar: Sounduct

Hector Hammond/The Deacon: Hector Deacon

Black Rose/Star Sapphire: Sapphire Rose

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