Malik al Ghul

Malik al Ghul is a crime boss, supervillain, and a major foe of the superhero Dark-Spider. He is an immortal that has lived for centuries with the use of the Lazarus Pits and leads the group known as the Hand of Assassins, and sets his sights on Gotham City. To the world he is a major philanthropist, but is secretly trying to destroy everything he sees as corruption by force and bring about order. In these regards he does not see himself as too dissimilar from Dark-Spider who he sees as something of a kindred spirit and considers passing the reigns of power onto. But his methods are far too extreme for Dark-Spider which leads the two to coming to blows. His daughter Silver however, develops mutual romantic feelings with the hero.

However before Peter Wayne returned to Gotham he already started putting forth his plans to try and purify what he found to be the Earth's darkest city. He decided to take residence there, telling the people that he wanted to help fix their once great city. And publically supported others such as helping to fund the election of the crusading district attorney Harvey Brock and donated funding to update Arkhamcroft Asylum to supposedly help rehabilitate criminals. Behind-the-scenes however he was leading in a gang war with the established mob bosses, particularly Don Vincente Falcone. And he also forged an alliance with Jack Osborn, the shady head of Osborn Industries. Telling him that he would help fund his lurid experiments that helped lead to the creation of certain supervillains that help debase and weaken the power of the organized crime syndicates. Osborn needed the funding then because of his failed takeover of Wayne Enterprises losing OsCorp a lot of its money and hurting its stock value accepted.

Before getting to the later stages of his long-term plan he would have multiple run ins with Dark-Spider. He also would have a major conflict with the criminal known as the Grin Goblin, who I reality was actually Jack Osborn. In that persona he sought to take over the criminal underworld, which naturally led to him fighting the Hand of Assassins.

It is eventually revealed that his long-term plan all along was to first cripple the mob, and also put the city into a wide state of panic. The second purpose of the super-criminals. Especially after the criminal Bane the Hunter caused a massive jailbreak in his bid to hunt and take down Dark-Spider. It scared the people and the politicians enough to agree to a project put forward by Prof. Miles Strange, who would turn out to be one of Ghul's allies. Cordoning off a chunk of the city to throw in all people seen as criminals or a threat to the city. Though he faced a set-back when he lost the support of Brock after he became disgraced and turned into the criminal Venom-Face, he did manage to get the law to help enforce it. When the majority were locked-up he was able to finally fully take the seat of power as the head of the Gotham Criminal Underworld, destroying any last resistance from the established mobs. And thus believed he could finally bring about true order and justice. The plan was set to end with the activation of a protocol that would lead to the total annihilation of that party of the city in a state of emergency thus executing all the super-criminals. However he was going to pin the protocol on the one running the prison for him Miles Strange as a patsy for the decimation of that part of the city. Prior he bought up the land the city prison would comprise and planned on rebuilding and developing it after the prison's destruction himself into his vision of greatness.

Ultimately this would be stopped by Dark-Spider, which did indeed aggravate Malik. But he had already managed to cement his place at the top of the criminal underworld and would subsequently engage in other major exploits to try and further his goals.

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