American Commando (Captain America and Captain Commando)

Dragon Fist (Iron Fist with Ryu)

Victor Von Wily: Doctor Doom + Doctor Wily
Crimson Widow: Black Widow + Crimson Viper
Mega-Skrull: Super-Skrull + Mega Man
Ghost Strider: Ghost Rider + Strider Hiryu
M.O.B.O.T.(Mental Organism Built Only for Tron): MODOK + Servbot

Storm Li, First Lady of Fighting X = Storm + Chun Li

Iron Morrigan: Iron Man and Morrigan

Elektra + Morrigan = Electriganviewtiful spider (Viewtiful Joe/Spider-Man)Wolverine + Vega = Weapon Lucious
Iron Man + Felicia = Iron Kitten
Vulcan + Akuma = Mutant Hado
Magneto + M.Bison = Bisonusuperior
Blob + Albert Wesker = Fat AlbertSpiderman + Dante = The Spectacular SpardamanHulk + Wesker = El Gigante Mk.IIHulk+Dhalsim: Super Gumby!Ryu+ Iron Fist= Dragon Fist
Mega Man + Iron Man=Mega Iron Man
Chris Redfield + Nick Fury= Chrick Redfury
Dormmamu + Demitri Maximoff = DormmaximoffX-23 + Chun-Li = Kicking Claw
Spencer + Spider Man = Bionic Spider
Magneto + Tron = Magnetron (Mistress of magnetic and electronic manipulation)
M.O.D.O.K + Viewtiful Joe = M.O.J.O.E (Morbidly Obese Jerk who Overpowers Everybody)
Iron Man + Felicia = Iron Cat
Hulk + Zangief = The Incredible Zulk
Wesker & Super Skrull = Weskrull - a egomaniac madman who injected himself with the shape shifting skorubours virus, which was extraterrestrial in origin, and discovered by the Umbrella Corporation by one of their deep space probes.
She-Hulk + Morrigan = Whorrigan-The Promiscuous Green SuccubusNight-Tyrant: NightCrawler + Tyrant. A dark, teleporting, more devil-looking Tyrant. Now, try to run away Chris, no boulder will get in my way. albert doom-an ego maniac whos only goal is to become a god. already a super genious, albert wesker was experimenting with a newly discovered virus called uroboros. when his assistant kurt spencer sets off a gamma bomb to kill wesker, it only destroys his base of operations, the gamma radiation mixed with uroboros gave him super strength, (though not on par with his arch nemesis chrulk) super speed, and super endurance. after training in the arts of magic, he became the worlds most powerful supervillain!

bruce redfield, the incredible crulk!- special agent bruce redfield was on a mission in africa, tracking down the evil albert doom. however when he finally found doom, he was horribly outmatched and used as a test subject by doom. after weeks of torturous tests, a gamma bomb created by albert doom acidently blew up. the gamma radiation mixed with the various viruses he was injected with by doom cause him to become the incredible crulk!

nathan skrull- dr, kurt spencer wanted money, power, and to rule all! so he tried to kill his boss albert wesker and continue his work, but all he succeeded in doing was causing himself to go mad and giving wesker and bruce redfeild super powers. the gamma radiation shouldnt of penetrated his special suit, but do to bruce redfeild turning into the chrulk, and destroying everything in his way, the suit was damaged. like wesker, was infected with uroboros after the lab had been destroyed, and also gamma radiation. he then gained super strength, the power to stretch his body up to a mile away, flame manipulation powers, and the ability to create force fileds! all at the cost of his arm. he built himself a mechanical arm to replace his old one, one that would increase his already amzing strength, and allow him to swing from building to building in order to travel faster. he now calls himself nathan skrull and his only goal is to kill albert doom, and the viewtiful spider for repeaditly beating him and sending him to jail. he also holds a grudge against tron stark, due to her firing him and forcing him to live on the street for several years before being found by albert doom. (at that time he was still albert wesker)

viewtiful spider- joe parker was nothing but a lonely high school member. that is until one day when he along with girlfriend silvia watson, were sucked into a movie by the movies hero, the blue gobblin. silvia is kidnapped by the movies antagonist, and only joe can save her. the blue gobblin gives him a watch that lets him slow down and speed up time in the movie world. on his quest to save silvia watson, he gets bittin by a radioactive spider and gains spider like powers. joe realixes that the radiation didnt kill him because he was in a movie, and in movies radiation gives people powers. he rescues his girlfriend, but it is revealed that the blue gobblin is actually a bad guy,, joe defeats him, but at the cost of his uncle bens life, who was sucked into the movie by the gobblin before. joe devotes his life to protecting the world as the viewtiful spider, learning that with great power comes great responsiblility.

arthurneto- the arch nemesis of the viewtiful spider, arthurneto is a mutany knight from the 13th century. using his mutaint powers, her became the greatest knight in all the land. but arthurneto wanted more, he wanted to be king! during a failed attack on the kings castle, arthurneto was frozen in a block of ice (hes got a little of cap in him to) and survived thousands of years only because of his mutant powers. as the self dubbed "master of magnetism", he has absolute control over any metal substance. also he is a very well trained knight, formidibbel in swordsmanship, horseback riding, and jousting. it is his goal to rule the land known as america, and then the world!

iron bonne- billionaire tron stark is the richest female in the world, and boy does she enjoy it. until one fateful day when she was kidnapped by terrists and forced to build them a waepon. and she built a weapon alright, in fact she built 10 weapons. she built 9 mini robots called servbots to act as her slaves, (in this case help her escape) and a suit that she wears. capable of flight, super strength, (though noticably less then her arch nemesis nathan skrull) firing repulsor blasts from the hands, and being the control unit for her servbots, the suit is very powerful. once she escapes the terrorists she builds hundreds of more servbots, and dedicayes her life to fighting crime.

Chris Redfield + Archangel = Criss Angel

Morrigan + Rogue = Morrirogue
Storm + Rose =
Sabretooth + Zangief =
Gambit + Donovan =

Strider + Spiderman=Strider-Man
Iron Man + Megaman = Iron Man 20xx
Hulk + Blanka= Gamma Monster
Phobos + War Machine=War Phobos
Captain Commando + Captain America= American Commando
Magneto + Bison= M. Psycho
Cyclops + Ryu= One-Eyed Dragon, Dragon or something
Sagat + Dr. Doom= Dr. Tiger
Psylocke + Cammy= Psycho Doll

Blackheart + Akuma =
Deadpool + Dante =

War Bass/Zero Machine (Either Zero or Bass fused with War Machine)
Wesketo (Wesker+Magneto)
Jedah Doom (Dr. Doom +Jedah)
Trish Frost (Trish +Emma Frost)
Frank Rider (Frank West + Ghost Rider)

Ken Cage (Luke Cage + Ken)
M. Doomson/Dr. Vega (Dr. Doom + M. Bison/Vega)
Captain Americommando (Captain America + Captain Commando)
Frank "The Photographer" Westle (Punisher + Frank West)
Viewtiful Wade (Deadpool + Viewtiful Joe)
Black Valentine (Jill Valentine + Black Widow)
Ghost Wolf (Amaterasu + Ghost Rider)
Baron Wolfgang von Wesker (Baron Strucker + Albert Wesker)
DRN-051, Codename: Aaron "Mega Machine" Rock (Mega Man + Aaron "Machine Man" Stack)
Forbush Dan (Dan + Forbush Man)

Danpool (Dan/Deadpool)
Morrigue (Morrigan/Rogue)
Sigmos (Thanos/Sigma)
Commando Fury (Captain Commando/Nick Fury)
Pyristo (Mephisto/Pyron)
Cammy Braddock (Psylocke/Cammy)
White Cat (Black Cat/Felicia)
Huggernaut (Juggernaut/Hugo)
??????? (The Blob/Rufus)

Falcon + Eagle(Plasma Sword) = Eagalcon

Morrigan + Enchantress = Morchantres

Akuma + Dormammu = Akumammu

Jedah + Blackheart = Jackheart

Mandarin + Jin Saotome = Mandarin Jin

Storm + Elena = Tempo

Tigra + Felicia = Feligra

Spiderman + Frank West = West Spider

Apocalypse + Anakaris = Anacalypse(Bit suggestive I know, here is an alternative), Apokaris.

Dr Strange + Donovan Baine = Donovan Strange

Colossus + Zangief = Chief

Dare-Devil + Phoenix Wright = Dare-Phoenix

Blade + Dante = Bladante

Elektra + Ibuki = Ilektra

Ms Marvel + Trish = Marvelish

Dr Doom + Dr Bilstein(Plasma Sword) = Dr Doomstein

Beast + Blanka = Blankeast

Venom + Twelve = Twelvenom

Blob + Rufus = Blowfish

Wasp + Vanessa D Schneider(PN03) = Wasp 03

Silver Samurai + Bishamon = Silver Bishamon

Manwolf + John Talbain/Gallon = Gallycon

Sentry + Seth = Sentry

Iceman + Frost = Frostman

Devil Dinosaur + Hauzer = Devil Hauser

Hulk + Victor(Darkstalkers) = Hulktor

Galactus + Fortinbras(Onimusha) = Galactinbras

Archangel + Angelo Credo =

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