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In this new timeline, Namor is now a charter member of the Avengers with revised origins. Namor begins protecting Boston, where he quickly develops a more positive reputation than his negative public image. He decides to completely abandon Atlantis, choosing instead to pursue a life on land with Lady Dorma. The city is attacked by a carnivorous underwater species called The Trench and they fight off the invasion. Many humans are taken captive during the slaughter. His former mentor Betty Dean is the only person who can help discover their whereabouts, and they visit him for guidance despite Dean having tried to kill Namor. Descending into the Marianas Trench, they discover the predators dying out and desperately trying to feed their children in the remnants of an Atlantean craft. They save the captives, and Namor reluctantly causes the Trench's extinction to prevent further loss of human life.The Navy discovers an ancient blue box aboard the craft, and Atlantean soldiers assault their base to take it back. Namor strands himself in the desert takes their aircraft down during escape, and receives a centuries-old warning from the device before getting rescued.

The OthersEdit

Later, Namor and Lady Dorma visit Dean once more to ask her about who sank Atlantis, when suddenly, Thomas Holloway, an old friend of Namor's, attacks Dean. Dorma stops her, and Namor prevents Dorma and Holloway from fighting each other. Thomas tells Namor that Kahina has been killed by Attuma, who has taken one of the seals of Atlantis.

Namor and Thomas teleport to Brazil, where they find Kahina's corpse. They discover that Attuma has stolen the Seal of Clarity, one of the Atlantean relics. Namor and Thomas decide to warn the Others, but they are suddenly attacked by Attuma's henchmen. After defeating Attuma's hunters, Namor and Thimas teleport to Germany, where Another, the Prisoner-of-War, is located. Attuma wants to obtain the Prisoner's manacles, which also are Atlantean relics. After a small chase, Namor encounters Attuma.

As Namor meets up with Thomas and the Prisoner, Attuma steals Thomas's necklace and escapes.

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