Old Dark Claw

"37 years after the Incident happened, Dark Claw starting his last crusade..."

Chapter 1 " Despair" Logan Wayne looked around. Not a soul was visible. A quick glance at his empty, burned-out mansion filled his eyes with despair. Logan went to the door. Heeded. It was only when he heard the distinct beating of hooves that he closed all the Windows and extinguished all the candles in the house. When he was quiet, he tried not to breathe. As he listened to the steps, he realized that he was moving away. It's getting quieter. Wayne left the dark room. Taking a notebook and pen from his pocket, he made a note for " Day 765." Logan went outside. It was evening. This was not the time to go hunting, but hunger was making itself felt. Having dressed in an old broken metal suit (armor), he took a homemade bow and improvised projectiles. Logan took the path into the woods. Logan felt exhausted as he crossed the desert. He lay down under a Bush. He was tired and sleepy, but he tried to overcome the urge to rest. Suddenly, he began to hear loud noises that he could not distinguish because of the headache. As he tried to get up, he felt a blow, followed by a sharp pain in his back. Turning, he realized they were Grundy's Children. Logan didn't have the money to pay the tax on living in the Grundy swamps, so he was severely beaten by the children of this zombie-like monster. Bloodied and half-dead, Logan scrambled to any residential location to get medical attention. The Grundy children are gone. His arm is broken. He's not going to give up. Wayne crawled to the village, but the loss of blood caused him to lose consciousness. Further, he heard unintelligible sounds and shouts. Something was happening around him. There was no pain. Gradually, Logan drifted off to sleep.

"Age of heroes is gone... I'm not a hero... They are all dead..."

Chapter 2 "New Friends" coming soon...

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