The year is 2071. A catastrophic incident involving the destruction of Earth’s moon has left the surface virtually uninhabited. Except for several small cities most of the planet’s residents are homeless.

Those not happy with the new arrangements set out for space. But as history shows people just cannot get along. They always quest for a bit easier life.

Organized crime reasserted itself among the various space factions sometimes taking entire planets as ‘investments’.

Small crime was on the rise too. Robbery, assassination, kidnapping…. These spawned the need for a kind of protection the Galactic Police couldn’t or wouldn’t supply… they spawned the Outlaws.

Modern day bounty hunters in state of the art ships, Outlaws are the brave, some say stupid, individuals that risk their lives on a daily basis to capture the worst of the worst.

And unknown to two longtime outlaws the universes biggest bounty is about to land right in their laps with the most hi-tech ship known to human kind. Too bad they can’t collect on it.


Spike Starwynd (Spike Seigal/Gene Starwynd)

Jet Hawking (Jet Black/Jim Hawking)

Fellina Valentine (Faye Valentine/Mellfina)

‘Twilight Edward’ (Radical Edward/Twilight Suzuka)

Ein Clan-Clan (Ein/Aisha Clan-Clan)

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