Real Name: Peter Allen

Fusion of: Flash + Quicksilver


Peter Allen’s biological father is Eric Savage, a metamutant (mutant + metahuman). When his twin children were born, some time after he became the terrorist mastermind Vandal Magnus, an enemy of the X-Society, Eric sent his babies away to America, where he knew they would live better lives. The twins were separated and were adopted by two different families. The boy twin was adopted by the Allens, and he was named Peter. Peter grew up a healthy, successful man, as his father wanted, but his metagene, which he inherited from Eric, remained inert for some time. Peter became a forensics expert for his home city’s police department, but he had a reputation for being late. One night, as he is preparing to leave work, a lightning bolt shatters a case full of chemicals and spills them all over Peter. After recovering in the hospital, he discovers that he can now move at super-speed. Hiding his powers from his friends and family, Peter decided to become the speedster superhero “Silverflash”. After aiding a team of heroes and forming the Justice Avengers with them, Silverflash would reunite with his real father. This is also the same event that reunited Peter with his long-lost twin sister, Wanda Zatara, who was trained to be a sorceress by her adoptive father. Peter and Wanda, as Silverflash and Scarlet Magician, aided their father against the X-S


ociety, who eventually told them the truth about Vandal Magnus’s true intentions. Betrayed, the twins battled their father and his Brotherhood of the Injustice and then defected back to the Justice Avengers.

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