Red Punisher AKA Jason Castle - antihero of the Amalgam Comics, and the vigilante of Hell City.

Red Punisher

Bio Edit

Jason's parents died when he was 7, so he became a street kid. At an early age, he learned to steal excellently. He was followed by the famous assassin David Magnum, and trained in the art of combat, until David suddenly disappeared from the streets of Hell City. Jason tried to track down the killer of his parents on his own, but before him, Devilman did it. Castle was very angry, and even tried to kill Matt. But after several unsuccessful attempts, Matt, as a good psychologist, managed to convince Jason of the desire to kill the criminal. After that, they became friends and became partners. He also met Matt's former partner, named Devilwing. Jason himself, chose the nickname "The Hood". After 2 years of working together, he and Devilman became friends, but one fateful evening ended their partnership. Jason was on a patrol until he came across a robbery. It was committed by a dangerous psychopath: A Killer Clown. Castle couldn't stop the robbery, so he followed the maniac. It was a well-thought-out plan by the Clown that killed Jason. Devilman was furious. Years later, the Spider-Boy Prime has damaged the face of the reality that revived Jason. In the new timeline, Jason's story changed. He was a military man who had a family killed by a Clown. He used his skills in fighting crime, using firearms and edged weapons. He is the same age as Devilman, and accuses him of not saving His family even though he was at the scene of the crime. As in the original, Matt changed Jason's mind, and taking the name Red Punisher, he became the new vigilante of Hell City. Matt has memories of Jason's death from the original timeline.

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