Scarlet Spider is a New Gotham vigilante and Black Spider's ally.

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Real Name: Kaine Todd

Alies: Black Spider, May Pennyworth, Iron Wing, Kid Spider, Red Arahnid

Enemies: Jester, Quizler, Harlequin Goblin, Poison Stinger, Killer Lizard

Bio Edit

Kaine Parker was an orphan, who lived in New Gotham. He was seen and trained by Peter Wayne. After he became his partner Kid Spider, because Aaron became solo hero named Iron Wing. Later, Kaine was killed by Jester. After his death, Edward Warren, villain named Quizler, cloned him, with hope, he will become villain, and kill Black Spider, but Kaine, wasn't villain, he just wanted to revenge Jester and Black Spider. After the battle with Black Spider, he loosed, but learned one lesson, and began vigilante carrier without moral priciples.

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