Silver Flash is a comic book starring Silver Flash, a combo of The Flash and The Silver Surfer.

Issue 1 - Journey To The Center of Ego-ManiacEdit

Barry Raad, a surfer, gets his legs struck by lightning and crawls into the woods were he sees Galactic Grodd, a cosmic ape, who wants to eat Earth, so Barry decides to be his new herald. Barry's first mission is to destroy the livin planet called Ego-Manaic. After Barry fails to destroy it, Galactic Grodd, blasts him and sends him flying off into the depths of space.

Issue 2 - FrostyEdit

Barry awakens deep in outer space, and gets attacked by an evil tyrant sent by Ego-Maniac to kill him. The fight leads to the deep depths of Ego-Maniac, where Barry blasts the tyrant off into Ego-Maniac's sun.

Issue 3 - Catch That Bug! Part 1 of 3Edit

A mysterious person has Ego-Maniac revive the tyrant in order to kill an annoying space-pest named Impossible Bug.

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