Silver Hunter - amalgam universe superhero, and the space protector.

Silver Hunter

Bio Edit

Norion Radd - the illegitimate son of Deathseid, whom the mad titan traded away in his deep childhood. He grew up in the family of an old man from Zenn-Attilan and was well-brought up, knowing nothing about his father. When Zenn-Attilan was attacked by a Galactiac, Norion saved the planet by sacrificing himself to a space monster. The galaxy made him its messenger, and after meeting with the Fantastic Four, Radd realized that it was time to get out of slavery. He ran away from the galaxy in revolt, driving It off the Earth. Then, wandering through the universe, he learns the truth about his real father and decides to stop his tyranny going on Apoktan. Many times teamed up with the Avengers League, and the Un-Humans. Killed during the events of "Final Wars".

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