Peter Wayne, aka Spider-Bat, is a crime-fighting vigilante who lives in New Gotham City.

Origins Edit

Peter Wayne was born into a rich family, Thomas Wayne and May Parker-Wayne being his parents. Thomas was a well known scientist for his work with spider silk. His mother was a very successful businesswoman as she was a founder of Osborn Industries, a collective corporation she named after her close deceased friend, Richard Osborn. Thomas would show Peter how fun life could be while his mother kept his feet on the ground, teaching him the seriousness of business and the more sentimental aspects of life. They both had an affinity for calling Peter their "little bat" as he wasn't very colorful, literally. He preferred to wear only professional clothing or dark hues with maroon or burgundy resembling a baby bat, which contrasted to Peter's curiosity and general positive disposition. Peter being raised well as a person and a leader, he was soon respected among the board of Osborn Industries as it's fateful "next in line" to be the CEO. Tragically his mother died in a plane crash on the way back from a meeting overseas, thus giving the young Peter the position. To try to pull Peter out of his grief, Thomas, as a surprise, planned to introduce Peter to one of his greatest scientific breakthroughs, a genetically altered spider with a baby to boot. As they made their way to the the lab it was unknown to Thomas that there was an emergency at the lab because his pager was turned off as he was spending time with his son. Inside the lab the spider had grown too massive to be contained and it ravaged the lab, unbeknownst to either Wayne boys, father or son. The giant spider eventually made it's way to the front of the research building as the duo coincidentally arrived at the facility. Seeing as there was clearly something wrong they both rushed inside wanting to help as Peter had grown a passion for science as well, sometimes finding solutions his father could not see because of his spontaneous qualities. As the pair encountered the spider, Thomas realizing the danger his son was in, locked him in the one room the spider could not reach as it was drastically too small for the massive arachnid to enter. Peter traumatically watched his father die by his own creation, his passion. While Peter couldn't look away, the unchanged baby spider found it's way into the room Peter was in. Peter finally backed away from the carnage toward the baby. The baby, frightened, bit peter in his right hand. causing him to receive "Stick-em Powers," the ability to naturally generate webbing from his wrists and an early warning system to protect Peter from danger through his reflexes. He endearingly calls this his "Spider-sense." He eventually developed his own martial art based around his strength and agility. Peter then decided to go farther as to teach himself detective work as he was close to James Urich, A former officer of the law, now a reporter for the the Daily Bugle. Now, as the CEO of Osborn Industries, He doubles as the billionaire playboy scientist and philanthropist, Peter Wayne, while at night he patrols the streets of New-Gotham City as The Amazing Spider-Bat!

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