Spiderbat is a Spider-Man/Batman combination in ElectricMayhem's Amalgam Universe.


Bruce Parker witnessed his parents' deaths at the hands of a cat burglar named Joe Carradine. Bruce enheirited his parents' company, Parked Enterprises, as well as there fortune. At a science expo, he was bitten by a radioactive spider called a "Spiderbat". He discovered his amazing abilities and decided to fight crime to avenge his parents' deaths.

Other VersionsEdit


In this reality, Spiderbat's real name is Thomas Morales, an african-american doctor. This Spiderbat is willing to kill and take extreme measures. When the Green Joker (who has a more monstrous appearance) kidnaps the DA's children, he has to save them. He interrogates and even kills Killer Rhino. He then interrogates The Fowl. As the hunt for Green Joker continues, Commissioner Jameson is caught in a trap and Spiderbat has to save him. After saving the Commissioner, Spiderbat discovers Green Joker's true identity. This reality's Green Joker is actually Martha Parker.

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