Spiderbat: The Brave & The Ultimate is an animated series. It takes elements from the Ultimatepoint Spiderbat series, but not that much.


Season 1Edit

  • The Rise of the Power!
  • Responsibility on Great Island!
  • Doom Under the Sea!
  • Day of the Dark Venom!
  • Flight of the Secret Spiders!
  • Why I Hate Outsiders!
  • Dawn of the Exclusive Man!
  • Back in Blue!
  • Field Trip to the Center of the Spiderbat!
  • The Freaky Eyes!
  • Return of the Venomous Fangs!
  • Me Time for Spiderbat!
  • Strange Game!
  • Awesome Mystery!
  • Eyes of the Demon!
  • Night of the Beetle!
  • Menace of the Snow Conqueror!
  • The Color of Damage!
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