Spiderbat Infinite is a combo of Spider-Man 2099 and Batman Beyond.


Miguel McGinnis was a worker at Wayne Industries, now bought by Tyler Powers and called Powermax, who wanted to create a super-soldier similar to Spiderbat. However, his attempts all failed. He wanted to resign, but saw Tyler Powers talking with a gang inspired by the long dead supervillain who used to be called the Green Joker, The Goblinz, who equip the company with a drug that only Powermax can sell, called Rebellion. They see Miguel is listening, and Tyler send the Goblinz to go get him. He runs into the lower levels, where he sees Bruce Parker, who still works there. Bruce defends Miguel, who trips backwards into an empty secret room that used to be Spiderbat's secret lair. Bruce tells him that he was Spiderbat, and Miguel is shocked. He walks up to some machines and genetically altered animals that Bruce put in there when Tyler Powers took over. Miguel walks up and accidentally tips over a tiny glass tank that they kept the gentically altered Spiderbat in. Miguel goe to get it and put it back in the tank, but trips and lands on a machine that contains samples of spider DNA, and accidentally tips it over, breaking it. Miguel, who tripped over also. He tries to get up, but the machine bonds him with altered Spiderbat DNA, giving him amazing powers. He tells Bruce he should become the new Spiderbat and stop the Goblinz. Bruce agrees to let him, and gives him a Spiderbat suit he never got a chance to wear back before he retired. Miguel put on the new suit, and goes to battle the Goblinz. Ever since, he's been fighting crime as... Spiderbat Infinite!

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