Steel Ghost is a combo of Ghost Rider and Superman. He is from the planet Carniton (an Amalgam version f Krypton), and found his planet would soon end of old age, so he sold his soul to otherworldly cosmic creature known as Mephistseid. The deadly virus slowly killing Carniton disappeared. However, Mephistsieds alien ships came and blew up the planet themselves. Blaze-El's life was spared, and he was sent to Earth to start a new life. However, by night, he becomes the alien demon known as Steel Ghost, and hunts down evil aliens that escape the Apokolips Realm.


After going to Earth, Blaze-El got the new name of "Johnny Kent" and became a motorcycle rider. He met Lois Simpson and fell in love with her, but couldn't ask her out because at night he turns into Steel Ghost.

He got a job at the carnival working for Crash White. However, he ended up working with Lois Simpson. Some of his biggest adventures were when he met his clone, Connor Ketch, AKA Riderboy, when he fought Bizengeance, and when he faced Mephistseid.

Rogues GalleryEdit

  • Mephisto/Darkseid: Mephistseid
  • Blackheart/Orion: Demonstar
  • Blackout/Parasite: Bloodsucker
  • Deathwatch/General Zod: General Death
  • Lilith/Livewire: Darkwire
  • The Orb/Atomic Skull: Atomic Eye
  • Vengeance/Bizarro: Bizengeance
  • Zadkiel/Doomsday: Armageddon
  • The Deacon/Metallo: Deacallo
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