Super-Soldier is original amalgam character. He fighted at WWII and with Justice Avengers.

Super Soldier

Bio Edit

Steven Kent was born at 1928 at the planter's family. He grew up in the Smallville - little city, where alien ship fall. Steve studied at the New-Metropolis. He wanted to fight at the WWII, but his body was inoppropriate. Emil Erskine - met him at the Philadelphia where is Steve traveled. When he was 16, he lost his parents, who were killed by the Hydra agent. Steve decided to leave New-Metropolis. When he traveled he met Emil again. Erskine invited Steve to the experement with an alien ship. He said, that will do him stronger and faster, if he will survive. At the next morning Steve decided. He came following the adress. At the building where he came, he noticed Emil, who told him about alien "Kryptonian Technology". After the experiment, Steve started to feel himself better. His powers became stronger. He tested them, and noticed, he can use X-Ray vision and Flying. He became a warrior, who fighted Hydra Corps with the help of his friend Conner Barnes "Warboy". He loved the woman named Lana Carter, but she married the coldblooded billioner Johann Luthor. Later, Steve learned that the Johann is leader of the Hydra Corps named Green Skull. His face was badly injured by the alien ship. Steve goes mad. He failed at the last mission, and started to assemble the team. Human-Torch, Shark-man and Miss Liberty Belle joined him. At the next mission, Green Skull was failed and arrested, but team is lost Warboy, who was shot and burned by Johann. Steve retired. Team was reassembled. In the prison, Luthor started to manipulate prisoners, and made jailbreak. After that, he grow the creature, named Chaos. Chaos made an unexpected attack to Super-Soldier. After the fight, Chaos was killed, but Steve fell at the ocean and was frozen for the 75 years.

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