Super-Spider is an amalgamation of Superman and Spider-Man. He is a kryptonian. His father, Rich-El, sent him to Earth in an escape pod when his planet was destroyed.



Pete-El landed on Earth and was taken care of by May Kent and Ben Kent, who named him Peter Kent. However, when he was 16 and weent on a field trip, a radioactive spider bit him, and the radioactivity and gamma rays broke the genetic code his father put on his powers. He discovered the escape pod his father put him in. He decided to make money as a wrestler, using his powers. However, a thug he saw and just let get away ended up killing Ben Kent. Peter felt depressed, and decided to avenge his uncles death as a superhero named "Super-Spider".

Rogues Gallery and Later AdventuresEdit

Super-Spider later on faced Atomic Shocker, Electrowire, Lex Octavius, Brainiackal, and Bizorpion. He also met his clone, Spider-Boy, who was made by Brainiackal.

Justice League AvengersEdit

Super-Spider helped Thunder Woman face the Creep, who was brainwashed by Demoki. T.W. found out Demoki's plan, so Super-Spider and Creep helped Thunder Woman. Along the way they met and recruited Atom-Ant, Knightbat, Ironwing, and Silver Flash. At Amagard, they defeated Demoki and his army together. At STAR's new location for them, The Watchmansion, Super-Spider gave a speech stating that they should all become a full-time team.

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