Super iron

Super Iron is a combo of Superman and Iron Man.


Tony Kent was the owner of The Daily Stark, an internaional company. One night, he found a suit of kryptonian armor that had crashed on Earth. Along with it came a holographic message from its creater, Yinsen-El. Yinsen-El told who ever found it they had to use it for good. However, Tony just used it to get fame and fortune as a famous hero, calling himself "Super Iron". When a jealous business man, Lex Stane, invented his own suit of armor and attacked Super Iron, he realized he needed to take things responsibly. Ever since, Super Iron has been a hero, stopping all kinds of villains.

Other VersionsEdit


In the alternate world of Ultimatepoint, Antonio Sinclair was just the average soldier until he volunteered to become the military’s first line of defense against alien and monster threats as part of Project Super Iron. He was given a special suit that malfuctioned along with his body, now enhanced so he has a healing factor and above-genius intelligence. But as his abilities continued to expand and his strength grew, Antonio began to lose control. Too powerful to be controlled, he was locked away, until one fateful day in Metropolis during a meteor shower. When an alien boy crashed onto Earth, the military found their ideal candidate to turn into the weapon they’ve always wanted. Antonio had his sights set on recruiting this alien to his side and together seek revenge against General Potts and the rest of the people who imprisoned them. The alien, called "Tony" by Antonio, didn't want to hurt General Potts and decided to use his alien powers to protect the Potts family from Antonio. They had an epic battle and in the end, Tony defeated Antonio and saved the Potts family from the monster Antonio had become. The alien boy was later confronted by Garrison Fury about joining a special superhuman team they were working on. He accepted, and joined the team under the code-name "Super Iron". Tony met his fellow recruits, and they were sent on a mission to stop an alien invasion. They also faced the Secret Liberators and the Ultimatepoint version of Amatron.

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