Super Soldier

This is my version of Super Soldier. Some things remain the same, although some are different.


Stays the same with small differences. Basically....

During World War II, government scientists were working on a "Super-Soldier formula" to transform a man into a fighting machine experiment with cellular samples from an alien corpse. They administer the formula, as well as solar radiation, to a young man named Steve Kent, a volunteer for the Super-Soldier program.

The mixture of the formula and the radiation gave Kent incredible powers and abilities, including super strength, heat vision, and flight. Reporter Jimmy Olsen, who sneaks into the Super-Soldier program laboratory, makes a deal with the government: he will not tell the world about the project if the government makes him the "official press flak" for the Super-Soldier.

Super-Soldier gains a sidekick for a short time called American Girl and becomes a member of the All-Star Winners Squadron, also known as the All-Star Winners Society. Steve Kent is romantically interested in Lois Carter, and dismayed when she marries Lex Luthor, a cold-hearted billionaire. In Super-Soldier: Man of War #1, Super-Soldier, aided by Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, Jimmy Olsen, and Agent Peggy, fight General Zemo, a member of HYDRA, a Nazi organization, who was secretly working for Lex Luthor, the behind-the-scenes leader of HYDRA and friend of Adolf Hitler himself.

In March 1942, Super-Soldier "had the war all but won nearly single-handedly until the rise of Ultra-Metallo", in the words of Jimmy Olsen. Ultra-Metallo was a massive robot later revealed to be sent by Lex Luthor. The fight between Super-Soldier and Ultra-Metallo started in Washington, D.C. and made its way to above the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Super-Soldier sacrificed himself to take down Ultra-Metallo, the two of them sinking beneath the icy waters, with Jimmy Olsen as one of the few witnesses. Instead of reporting to the world that Super-Soldier was dead, Jimmy Olsen instead reported that Super-Soldier had retired, after declaring the war won by America.


  • American Girl AKA The Summer Soldier (Supergirl/Bucky)
  • Steel Falcon (Steel/Falcon)
  • Spider-Boy (Superboy/Spider-man)
  • Jimmy Olsen (Amalgam Version of DC's Jimmy Olsen)
  • Lois Carter (Lois Lane/Sharon Carter)


  • Green Skull (Lex Luthor/Red Skull)
  • General Zemo (General Zod/Baron Zemo)
  • Arnim Zoliac (Brainiac/Arnim Zola)
  • Ultra-Metallo (Metallo/Ultron)
  • Bizarnage (Bizarro/Carnage)
  • Madame Wire (Livewire/Madame Viper)
  • Baron Von Strucker/???
  • Atomic Bones (Atomic Skull/Crossbones)
  • Parasite/???
  • Thanoseid (Darkseid/Thanos)

In other mediaEdit

  • Super Soldier: the Animated Series (Amalgam version of Superman: the Animated Series)
  • Super Soldier (film) (Superman [film]/Captain America [1990 film])
  • Super Soldier: the Steel Avenger (Man of Steel/Captain America: the First Avenger)
  • Super Soldier: Soldier Returns (Superman Returns [video game]/Captain America: Super Soldier)
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