Tarantula AKA Barry Parker Amalgam universe superhero and Central Queens vigilante.


Bio Edit

Barry Parker was an ordinary student who lived with his aunt and uncle. His parents died at the hands of a creature he couldn't make out when he was young. Barry was present at Starcorp when the accident took many lives. He went into a coma. When he woke up in the hospital, he found that he had acquired superpowers. Now, dressed in a Tarantula costume, Barry is ready to protect his city and find out who killed his parents many years ago.

Characters Edit

  • Tarantula (Barry Parker) (Spider-Man/Flash)
  • Kid Tarantula (Walter Morales) (Kid Arachnid/Kid Flash)
  • Iris Watson (MJ/Iris West)
  • Axel Osborn (Harry Osborn/Axel Walker)
  • Joe Davis (Jeff Davis/Joe West)
  • Aunt Harriett (Aunt May/Henry Allen)
  • Uncle Norton (Uncle Ben/Nora Allen)
  • Old Tarantula (Old Spider Man/Jay Garrick)
  • Black Spot (Spider Man Noir/Accelerated Man)
  • Tarantula Infinite (Migel Allen) (Spider Man 2099/Impulse)
  • Tarantula Woman (Jesse Drew) (Spider-Woman/Jesse Quick)
  • Sea-Pig Tarantula (Spider-Ham/Flish)
  • Emerald Elf (James Osborn) (Green Goblin/Trickster)
  • Captain Mecha (Otto Snart) (Doctor Octopus/Captain Cold)
  • Poison (Venom/Reverse Flash)
  • Sinister Rouges (Sinister Six/Rouges)
  • Sand Pit (Sandman/Tar Pit)
  • Ranger (Kraven the Hunter/Captain Boomerang)
  • Molten Wave (Molten Man/Heatwave)
  • Sphinx (Black Cat/Golden Glider)
  • Crocodile Curtis (Lizard/Gorilla Grodd)
  • Shadow Spot (Richard Ohnn) (Spot/Shade)
  • Tsunami (David Bench) (Hydro Man/Top)
  • Illusionist (Kventin Scudder) (Mysterio/Mirror Master)
  • Bloodhound (Cletus Zolomon) (Carnage/Zoom)
  • Toxic Rival (Toxin/Rival)
  • Rhino King (Alex Nananue) (Rhino/King Shark)
  • Electric Wizard (Marco Dillon) (Electro/Weather Wizard)
  • Ratcather (Hobgoblin/Pied Piper)
  • Scarab (Scorpion/Cicada)
  • Poison Infinite (Kron Allen) (Venom 2099/Inertia)
  • Wakerider (Roy Toomes) (Vulture/Rainbow Raider)
  • Rainbow Rider (Wakeriders/Rainbow Raiders)
  • Ragman (Dmitri Merkel) (Chameleon/Rag Doll)
  • Dead End (Riot/Savitar)
  • Brainwave (Tinkerer/Turtle)
  • Doctor Jackal (Jackal/Doctor Alchemy)
  • Mister Shocker (Shocker/Mister Element)
  • Alistair Morrow (Alistair Smythe/T.O.Morrow)
  • Mr Abra (citizen Abra Li) (Mr Negative/Abra Kadabra)
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