The Death and Return of Super Soldier is an Amalgam Comics video-game based off the event during Final War.


Its based off the comic event, but leaves out some parts.

It starts with Ultra-Metallo attacking The Daily Bugle, and then Super Soldier goes to stop him. After the fight, Spider-Boy is on a mission in Green Skull's lair, where he finds out Green Skull sent out Ultra-Metallo as a distraction for Super Soldier. Just then, Spider-Boy triggers an alarm, and a group of thugs led by Bane Simpson, aka Nuke. After that, Spider-Boy must find Super Soldier in the city to warn him, when a street-gang attacks him. Spider-Boy finishes them off, then finds Super Soldier. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends Bruce Wayne, they're top agent, to track down Ultra-Metallo and defeat him. After defeating Ultra-Metallo, Bruce finds a data chip, and goes to take it to SHIELD. SHIELD sees a secret project to make a super-monster called D.O.O.M.S.D.A.L., the Demonic Overpowered Overlord Made to Sabatoge and Destroy All Life. SHIELD sends Super Soldier to go destroy project D.O.O.M.S.D.A.L. for good, with some back-up from the Judgement League Avengers' own Red Vision. When they get to the lair, the beast has already been unleashed, and it destroys Super Sodlier, leaving Red Vision to knock it out. After Red Vision knocks the beast unconscious he leaves carrying Super-Soldiers body. The next week, at Clark Rogers' funeral, Green Skull's thugs, Parabones, Spider-Boy Prime, and Shocksnake, attack and Spider-Boy tries to stop them. After the catastrophe, DOOMSDAL is unleashed again, and Steel Soldier goes out to stop the beast. he is almost defeated when Super Soldier's spirit comes back down to Earth and enters his body again. Super Soldiers spirit was released by Uatu the Guardian, who wanted him to stop the chaos and save the world. Super Soldier finally finishes off the monster, when Green Skull comes by and attacks. Green Skull unleashes his new creation: Iron Super Soldier. Super Soldier defeats his evil robot-equal, and Super Soldier and his unregistered superhuman group come together with Iron Lanterns registered superhumans, and they lock up Green Skull in Ryker's Asylum.


  • Super Soldier (Superman/Capt. Ameirca)
  • Spider-Boy (Superboy/Spider-Man)
  • Bruce Wayne (Batman/Nick Fury)
  • Red Vision (Red Tornado/The Vision)
  • Steel Soldier (Steel/Captain Britain)


  • Ultra Metallo (Metallo/Ultron)
  • Nuke (Bane/Nuke)
  • DOOMSDAL (Doomsday/MODOK)
  • Spider-Boy Prime (Superboy Prime/Venom)
  • Shocksnake (Livewire/Viper)
  • Parabones (Parasite/Crossbones)
  • Iron Super Soldier (Cyborg Superman/Iron Cross)

Cameo CharactersEdit

  • Green Skull (Lex Luthor/Red Skull)
  • Uatu The Guardian (Guardians of the Universe/Uatu the Watcher)
  • Iron Lantern (Green Lantern/Iron Man)
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