Real Name: Thor-El, Clark Blake

Occupation: Adventure, God, Reporter, Physician

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Odin-El (father,deceased), Jora (mother, deceased), Bor-El [grandfather, deceased), Bestia An-Dar (grandmother, deceased), Buri-El (great-grandfather, deceased), Ve-El, Vili-El (uncles, deceased), Jonathan Blake (adoptive father), Martha Clark Blake (adoptive mother), Harry Blake (adoptive uncle, deceased)

Group Affilliation: Justice League of Avengers, Ally of the New Gods

Base of Operation: New York City, Fortress of Strength, New Asgard

First Appearance: (Golden Age)Action Journey #1 1938, (Silver Age) Journey Into Action #86 1963, (Modern Age) Man of Lightning #1 1988

Height: 6'4"                                                     Weight: 220 lbs.

Eye: Blue                                                        Hair: Black

History: Thor-El is the only survivor of the planet Asgard. He was sent to Earth by his father in a rocket ship. On Earth he was found by the kindly couple Jon and Martha Blake. Naming him Clark, after Martha's maiden name, raised him as their own. With them he learned to be just and true. When he was a teenager he found a wooden stick where upon touching he transformed into Thunderman. After learning of his turn origins he moved to New York City and got a job at the Daily Planet.On the same day the space ship Constitution fell out of it's orbit and was heading towards New York City. Turning into Thunderman, Thor-El quickly flew up and rescued the fallig craft. Later that night he was interview by Lois Foster, on of the Survivor of the Constitution. The next day when Foster tried to print the story, she found that Clark on his first day on the job had already published the story. This was just the first of  Thunderman's many adventures, including dying at the hand of Destruction and his later resurrection.

Powers: Thor-El has super strength, invulnerability, endurance, super senses, super speed up to Mach 10 (in flight), and flight. He also has heat vision.

Weapons: Thor-El has a mystical hammer named Eradicator that can control weather, can span dimensions, and can porject lightning bolts.

Weakness: His two weakness are Nornite and strong magic.

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