Titan AKA Antonio Simpson is amalgam super-villain and the terrorist.


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Bio Edit

Antonio Simpson was a prisoner from an early age. He was serving time for the crime of his dead father, a war criminal King Kobra. He's a patriot. In 1943, he was exposed to the same serum as Steve Jordan, in the framework of the secret government project "Super Soldier". Under the influence of the serum, he broke out of the lab, and because of amnesia ran into the woods. In the woods, it survived until it was caught and frozen in a cryo capsule. The experiment was considered unsuccessful. 70 years later, bandits broke into a government warehouse and accidentally defrosted Antonio. Titan fled, and when he regained consciousness, he realized that he was no longer in the forties. Thoughtlessly wandering, he was discovered by the criminal bosses of Hell City. He was hired to get rid of Devilman, along with the terrorist group "Titan", after which he received the nickname. This unleashed The "Titan Wars", during which The Titan's strategic plan worked. He released Devilman's enemies and waited for the exhausted Matt to fight him. At the end of "Wars", he breaks Devilman's spine and arms. Titan won. But in a battle with Vengeance, he loses, breaks many bones, and returns into the prison.

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