Ultimate Brave & The Bold is part of the Ultimate DC universe. It centers around Batman.


#1 - Born To Be WildEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Wildcat, and Killer Wasp
  • Trivia: First appearance of Ultimate Killer Wasp while Wildcat has previously appeared as one of the teachers at Dr. Fate's superhuman academy in the Ultimate Teen Titans series.

#2 - Beware The SpectreEdit

  • Starring: Batman and Spectre
  • Trivia: Ultimate Spectre's first appearance

#3 - Super DuperEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Superman, and General Immortus

#4 - OutsidersEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Nightwing, and Red Hood

#5 - DoomedEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Doom Patrol, and the Parademons
  • Trivia: This issue had a lot of continuity errors/issues therefore it is non-canon.

#6 - SwampedEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Swamp-Thing, and Man-Bat
  • Trivia: Debut of Ultimate Man-Bat and Ultimate Swamp-Thing

#7 - A Twist of FateEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Dr. Fate, and the Teen Titans

#8 - StrangersEdit

  • Starring: Batman, Adam Strange, and Starbreaker
  • Trivia: Debut of Ultimate Adam Strange and Ultimate Starbreaker

#9 - MagicEdit

  • Starring: Batman and Zatanna
  • Trivia: Ultimate Zatanna's first appearance

#10 - The Karate KidEdit

  • Starring: Batman and Karate Kid
  • Trivia: Ultimate Karate Kid's debut

Brave & The Bold Special #1Edit

  • Starring: Batman, Superman, Red Hood, Wildcat, Nightwing, Karate Kid, Adam Strange, Swamp-Thing, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Batgirl
  • Trivia: Ultimate Dr. Mid-Nite and Ultimate Batgirl's debuts


Though it was originally set to be an ongoing series, it was cancelled due to its low popularity among readers. The last issue was Brave & The Bold Special #1, which had a hint at some unknown, big event coming, though when it was cancelled the cliffhanger was long forgotten.

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