The Ultimate Darkseid Trilogy is an event taking place in the Ultimate DC reality. It takes up 3 mini-seris and features the debut of Ultimate Darkseid.



Suddenly, during a normal day, a huge wave of mist spreads through the entire world, blocking out the sun, messing up almost all technology, and darkening the world. ADAR, Alien Deffense And Research, has Green Lantern and Superman fly out of the mist and see whats causing it. Outside of the mist, the heroes see the sun, shining as bright as day, and several clouds. There was nothing that could have caused the mist. Suddenly, they are attacked by several space-ships, blasting them with powerful waves of electricity. They both fall out of the sky. Meanwhile, in Gotham, the city is full of chaos, and Batman is dying to find out what's causing the mist. Suddenly, he hears police alarms coming from an old, torn-up building. At the building, there is a cult of hooded men with knives, killing several hostages. Batman arrives and fights the men, then there leader, an old woman named Nimue Inwudu, transforms into a giant phantom-like creature, screeching, and attacks Batman. Batman has trouble fighting the phantom, when Spectre arrives and helps him finish the job. The phantom reverts back to normal, and shouts "THE END IS COMING!"





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