Ultimate Green Lantern is a 5-issue Ultimate DC limited series marking the debuts of Ultimate Solomon Grundy and Ultimate John Stewart.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Green Lantern goes to relax after the "Like Father, Like Son" arc from Ultimate Justice League. He falls asleep and has a nightmare about a burning jungle, and a half-dead man named Cyrus Gold. Upon being asked what his name is, Gold yells "GRUNDY! GRUNDY IS GREEN LANTERN!!!" Upon waking up, Green Lantern goes to ask General John Stewart of ADAR (Alien Defense And Research) if he knows anything about a man named Cyrus Gold. Apparently, Cyrus Gold was a soldier who was killed by bombers. The corpse mysteriously disappeared from the morgue during a mysterious series of green orbs of light. Later, Gotham City is attacked by a giant, glowing, zombie-like creature repeatedly chanting "GRUNDY!!! GOLD IS GRUNDY!!!" Green Lantern arrives along with several ADAR tanks and soldiers. Green Lantern assumes that the zombie has been trying to tell him something. Grundy punches Green Lantern and is knocked backwards into a bank, destoying it. Grundy starts mumbling something. It is had to understand, but it sounds like Grundy is describing the explosion that "killed" him years ago. Green Lantern takes down Gundy, and ADAR scientists inject a serum into him that calms him down. Suddenly, Grundy starts telling Green Lantern of a "great blaze" that "made the grass turn to fire" and "made the trees go boom". Grundy starts describing a different world, that sounds like Oa. Suddenly, Green Lantern realizes that something must have summoned Grundy to Oa after he died. Somebody unknown. Grundy is taken into ADAR custody, and Green Lantern still wonders what Grundy meant....

Collected EditionsEdit

Name: Collects:
Ultimate Green Lantern All issues (as well as an exclusive short story featuring The Specter)
The World of Ultimate DC: According To Green Lantern Issues #1-4 (as well as the entire "Like Father, Like Son" arc from Ultimate Justice League)
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