Ultimate Justice is amalgamation of Young Justice and Ultimate Spider-Man

Characters Edit

  • Aqua Fist (Aqualad/Iron Fist)
  • Black Scorpion (Black Manta/Scorpion)
  • Brain Zola (Brain/Arnim Zola)
  • Doctor Savage (Vandal Savage/Doctor Octopus)
  • Klarion the Nightmare (Klarion/Nightmare)
  • Kraven al Ghul (Ra's al Ghul/Kraven the Hunter)
  • Lex Osborn (Lex Luthor/Norman Osborn)
  • Martian Squirrel (Miss Martian/Squirell Girl)
  • Master Maximus (Ocea Master/Maximus)
  • Night Spider (Robin/Spider-Man)
  • Power Kid (Kid Flash/Power Man)
  • Queen Shriek (Queen Bee/Shriek)
  • Supernova (Superboy/Nova)
  • White Tigress (Artemis/White Tiger)
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