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Black and Blue: Plot outline: Jaime Reyes gets merged with a genetically- advned scarab during a class visit to kord Industries. The scarab was part of the experimentations there. Jarvis kord decides to track Jaime's progress. After several instances of fainting and displaying extraordinary strength and reflexes, Jaime realises the scarab gifted him powers. On one occasion, Jaime breaks his bully, Rompe Huesos's hand. When Rompe's family decide to sue, Jaime becomes part of a local boxing circuit as the “Blue Beetle” to anonymously pay for his mother [Bianca Reyes ] and father [ Alberto Reyes] legal fees. also gets his Blue Beetle suit courtesy of the boxing organisation. Jaime does not reveal this secret double-life to anybody, not even his crush Brenda Del Vecchio and friend Ted kord . Jaime flees the boxing organisation after being accused of killing . Disgruntled, he allows a thef to escape after robbing a man . Peter returns home where his mom and dad berate him for his failing academic grades. Alberto informs Jaime of the “never let pride slow you down ” ethos that Jaime's grandfather abided by.Jaime runs away only to return to find that Alberto had been murdered by the same thef Jaime had earlier ignored. Peter tracks down Alberto's killer, subdues him and hands the man over to the police, now understanding what Alberto had previously told him. Meanwhile, Jarvis kord bonds himself with a scarab , gaining confidence by tracking the effects the scarab had on Jaime . As a result , Jarvis turns into the evil "Black Beetle" . Black Beetle destroys the lab, kills several scientists and leaves Dr. Albert Desmond , another scientist, for dead. All this is seen by Jarvis's son Ted Kord who runs home to find his sister dead and his house in flames, noticing his father leaving the scene. Jaime having now invented wings for his alter-ego Blue Beetle, went back to school to find the Black Beetle destroying it. After a small skirmish in the school, Blue Beetle leads the Black Beetle to the bridge where the GCPD confront him. The Black Beetle is shot off the bridge. The GCPD also turn on Blue Beetle who retreats. Jaime goes back to the school, using the excuse that he had been crushed under a chalkboard. Ted moves to live with relatives elsewhere. First appearances: Jaime Reyes , Brenda Del Vecchio , Alberto Reyes , Bianca Reyes , Rompe Huesos , Paco Testas , Kiran Singh, Jarvis kord / Black Beetle ,Ted Kord , Albert Desmond , Captain gordon .

La Dama  : Jaime takes a few photographs of blue Beetle to help Bianca Reyes financial woes. Jaime shows the photographs to the daly plaent ’s editor Perry White , who gives him the minimum pay. Jaime then fixes an internet problem which encourages White to offer Jaime a part-time job as a computer technician. Peter uses the planet' s website to locate a criminal group called the The Injustice Gang who work for Amparo Cardenas , the La Dama . blue Beetle defeats The Injustice Gang which forces blockbuster to tell blue Beetle about Cardenas important gala the next night. The FBI interrupt and blue Beetle barely manages to escape. The next day Brenda ,asks Jaime on a Friday date. Jaime moves it to Saturday instead. That Friday, blue beetle goes to Cardenas's penthouse but trips the alarm and is overpowered by Cardenas and subdued by the shade . Spider-Man is then unmasked by Cardenas who, realising blue Beetle is just a boy, throws Jaime ’s unconscious form through a window but opts to keep the blue Beetle mask. Jaime survives the fall but is badly injured, cancelling the date with Brenda , who becomes angered by this. Later Cardenas, murders blockbuster after discovering he had sold her out to blue Beetle . Fisk pulls blue Beetle's mask over blockbuster and crushes his skull. The body is discovered and the news report that blue Beetle is a murder suspect. At school, Jaime creates a false e-mail and through it, discovers Cardenas security system has CCTV footage on CDs .blue Beetle quickly invades the penthouse again and bags as many CDs as possible. After a skirmish with the Injustice Gang , the shade and Cardenas , blue Beetle escapes victorious and gives the CDs (apart from his unmasking) to Snapper Carr, a reporter for the Daily Bugle. The published story forces Cardenas to leave the country. Jaime then reveals to Brenda that he is the blue Beetle . First appearances: the La Dama ,The Injustice Gang , Snapper Carr , the shade , The Catman. Deaths: blockbuster.

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