Real name

Wayne Parker

Current alias



unnamed parents (deceased)
Thomas Parker (uncle; deceased)
Martha Parker (aunt)
Ben Drake (adoptive son)


Batman and Spider-Man were combined in a DC versus Marvel crossover

History Edit

Wayne Parker's parents were killed when he was a little boy. After his parents' death, he was sent to live with his Uncle Thomas and Aunt Martha. After the tragic death of his uncle, Wayne took care of his aunt from then on. A few years later, Wayne was on a school trip at the lab of Dr. Curt Jones, who was a brilliant scientist. One of Jones' spider/bat hybrid creatures escaped and bit Wayne. He then gained the abilities of wall-climbing, shooting webs from hands, and echolocation. He built his own Spiderbat suit to help him control his powers and use them to fight crimes. Like his Uncle Thomas had always said, "With great power, comes great responsibility".

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Spiderbat can shoot webs from his hands, climb walls, and use echolocation.

Abilities Edit

Spiderbat is good with his hands. He created his own Spiderbat suit by himself. He also is pretty smart.

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